fall colors, poetry

Autumn Show

Autumn Show   colors glowing autumn showing shadow and light a glorious sight ~ wind prancing leaves dancing colors playing autumn raving ~ Fall is starting to show her delightful colors and I’m happy to be out exploring and photographing. My new bargain smartphone (Umi Hammer s) isn’t bad for $130, but I was hoping…

thunder, poetry

Thor’s Thunder

Thor’s Thunder Thor’s Landing- © Mike Olbinski Photography Thor throws down his hammer lighting up the skies with fire and electricity the smell of danger lingers ~ thunder rattles the valley senses tingling in alertness primal urges to run the hunt has begun ~ Like lightning, inspiration struck from Mike Oblinski’s storm-charged photography, quickly lighting up my…

summer storms, poetry

Summer Storms

Summer Storms summer storms erupting thunder and lightning dance across the sky the skies crackling with energy winds howling, testing my strength ~ fear building as my mind races the path is dark and cloudy doubts choking my energy the storm continues to build ~ Image from www.landscapehdwalls.com This poem speaks to the emotional storms as…

writing challenge

Allergic to E Challenge

Allergic to E Challenge My kind friend Neha invited me to participate in this fun challenge. I invite you to explore her soulful poetry at Forgotten Meadows. Here are the rules: Write a whole paragraph. Sounds easy right? Without any word containing the letter “e”.  Not easy at all! By reading this post, you are already…

dreams, clouds, poetry

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams summer dreams awaken distant longings visions of far away lands floating on soft pink clouds ~ time takes a detour this moment opens to eternity pathways to inspiration with clouds as my travel guide

rainy reflections

Rainy Reflections

Rainy Reflections Like much of the mid-west and mid-south, we are having lots of rain. In fact, we’re having record-breaking amounts with many areas flooding, but we are simply very soggy. My garden seems to be enjoying all the rain. During a break in the rains, I wandered the yard to see what I could photograph.…

educational revolution

Reforming Education

This is a fascinating TED Talk by Ken Robinson about education. I’ve been dancing around the educational system for years. I’ve worked as a sub and teachers aid, considered advanced degrees, and reviewed alternative approaches like Waldorf and Montessori Schools. Ultimately, I decided to not pursue teaching as a profession because I couldn’t see myself…

Art by Vera Komnig, poetry, spring

Spring Dreams

Spring Dreams visions of spring dance in my heart colors glowing with life at the start when winter seems too much to bear come dance in my artist’s lair ~ a delicious feast for the senses the magic of joy dispenses creativity, art and life emergent bringing spring dreams resurgent ~ Image © by Vera…

3 year blog anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary the joy of writing compounded in connections far and wide brings joy ~ gratitude abounds joy inspiration friendships priceless treasures found ~ Today is my 3 year anniversary for not only this blog, but my journey into writing, creative expression and the world of blogging. What began as an impulse, has turned into…