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Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest ~ the glory of fall rich colors to warm the heart  receive the harvest ~ I love the autumn season. The cooler weather with rich aromas from the ground and decaying leaves. The bold, beautiful colors. All of them conspire to bring us joy, reminding us of the beauty around and the wisdom…

autumn, beauty, poetry

Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory Today, I offer a haiku and a tanka to celebrate the glories of autumn in the Rocky Mountains. ~ aspens glowing bright mountains ablaze with color  pathways to heaven ~ hiking the Rockies forest aflame with yellows evergreens contrast craggy mountains standing proud a rich tribute to autumn ~ Clearly, I’m missing the…

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Mandala Musings

Mandala Musings ~ pinwheels of color nature’s gifts overflowing with heart mandalas ~ Julie at Ramblings from Jewels has been creating these gorgeous mandalas from leaves, nuts, and other gifts from nature. I love the vibrant look and feel of these unique mandalas. I might try to make a few myself once we have more…

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Buttercup Baby

Buttercup Baby ~ late summer flowers fill me up with peace and love buttercup baby ~ I don’t know why, but the song and words popped into my head as the title for this post. Here is the original hit song, Build Me Up Buttercup, from the Foundations that was still popular even 8 years…

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Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High ~ fields of columbines light up the mountain valley trails of happiness ~ This is another beautiful image from my friend Gayle Fetik. She travels routinely to Colorado, posting photos and stirring up my longing to return to the beauty of Colorado. John Denver immortalized the beauty of Colorado in his classic…

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Elementals #5

Elementals #5 ~ forest and fungi the synergy of shared growth elemental play  ~ I have long been fascinated by fungi and mushrooms. Fungi are heterotrophs that obtain their carbon and energy from other organisms. Some fungi obtain their nutrients from a living host (plant or animal) and others obtain their nutrients from dead plants.      

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Perennial Rockets

Perennial Rockets   yellow coneflowers setting the prairie aglow rockets of desire ~ The Yellow Praire Coneflower is a native of the Great Plains which can reach heights of 5 feet. The cheerful petals that sweep backward from the center cone bloom from May to September. This is another stunning image taken by my friend Gayle…

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Fields of Smiles

Fields of Smiles ~ bounty of asters glowing in the open field makes me want to sing ~ Thank you Gayle for another beautiful image that sparked my heart and imagination. Looking at this images makes me happy and want to smile and/ or sing! I hope my words and Gayle’s image bring a little…

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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes ~ ladies in the field shades of blue and yellow shine nature’s medicine ~ My friend Gayle’s wonderful photo inspired me to write a poem. And Blue Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium) added her cuteness to the mix. She is a perennial wildflower with grass-like foliage and star-shaped blue petals. May beauty fill your soul…