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Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life

Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life A friend of mine, Christi Daniels, gave a talk at the local Science of Mind center about coming home and appreciation. Christi talked about her intense year after intending to find a home within her self and all the stuff that came up to show her what was holding her back. The biggest…

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Festive Fall

Festive Fall ~ creeks filled with color autumn declares her presence fall festival flows ~ Like a gentle creek, autumn has arrived slowly and quietly. Her sweetness flows into my heart with whispers of color, coolness, and peace. May her beauty warm your heart. Blessings, Brad  

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Silly Salvation

Silly Salvation ~ we embrace and talk a moment to laugh and walk relief from the daily grind letting go of my fearful mind the stories don’t matter reduced to minor chatter thanks to a walk with thee my heart is full of glee ~ The gifts of friendship and laughter. This poem was inspired by…

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Merry Adventures

Merry Adventures  ~ children dance in glee lights shining in the darkness merry memories ~ For 14 years, the Stewart Family has been creating a Christmas festival of lights for children to enjoy. To celebrate the solstice, I took a friend who had never been to the Stewart Family Christmas Light Display. We had fun…

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Prairie Ponderings

Prairie Ponderings walking among the tall prairie grasses golden sunlight awakens my dormant dreams timeless rhythms pound in my heart ~ golden colors feed unknown primal longings to be one with the prairie trusting, growing, rooted in rich earth ~ My walk through the prairie awakened dormant longings and feelings that I can’t describe. There…

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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks As I head into closing on the sale of my house, I’m remembering that I have much to be thankful for in my life. I’m thankful for my health, my home and all the friends who have supported me during this challenging time. People showed up at just the right time to help…

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Streaking Sky

Streaking Sky   colors streak across the sky my imagination set to fly on pathways of beauty and love thankful for the gifts above ~ I love these images from Matt Molloy, a fine art photographer based in Ontario, Canada. Matt captures hundreds of photos and combines them to create the “smeared sky” look, similar to brush…

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Harvesting Gratitude

What are you harvesting this season? My harvest has been a little sparse lately, so I’m choosing to plant more seeds of gratitude for Thanksgiving. In past years, I’ve participated in various gratitude challenges and processes during the fall season. How about you? Will you join me in growing more gratitude to open your heart? Thanksgiving has always been…

Heart Voice

Returning Home to Peace

In my previous post on Peace at Home, I talked about my passion for being and making peace in my life. This week, I’d like to talk about returning home to peace. In some ways, it’s rather simple, but not always easy, especially for a mentally oriented person like me. Return to your beingness and…