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Autumn Changes

Autumn Changes This is a post I hoped to never write. I’ve been stewing about it for days (weeks, months). My life has been in a downhill slide for the past 4 years. I’ve hinted at some of the issues, but pride kept me from going into too much detail. So here’s the messy truth.…

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Splish Splash

Splish Splash rain cascading down rivers surging and flooding lessons in flowing ~ Image from Dan Daniel kayaking the King’s River. I really want to get out kayaking while the waters are surging. Be safe and have fun!

Love in Ten Lines

Love in Ten Lines

Love in Ten Lines sublime is my love love colors the sunset caressing skin with love hands that whisper love soul to soul love sacred love as light reflections of pure love love as blessed union an ocean of love pointers, yet not love ~ Close you eyes. Fall in love. Stay there. ~ Rumi…

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Healing Our Messy Lives

Glennon’s recent post knocked me down and lifted me back up. Her post on meltdowns sent me on an emotional roller coaster. Reading her post, I was sad, angry, awed, inspired and a bundle of raw emotions. I totally relate to her experience of college, and feeling lost and out of place. Somehow I managed…

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Bitter Medicine

Today I’m going to share some bitter medicine.  Yesterday was a hard day financially and emotionally. I lost in one day, three weeks worth of investment gains, leaving me financially and emotionally wiped out. I can’t seem to get ahead financially or emotionally. Then I realized part of the reason is that I keep standing…

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Stumbling into Grace

Yesterday, I briefly touched grace. If we are lucky, we have moments of grace when all feels right in our world, resonating as peace in our heart. I was feeling raw and slipping into depression, then I read another post by Stacy. Her post reminded me about the power of intention, choice and accepting responsibility. The…

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Listen UP!

Are you listening? Listening is a key aspect to healthy and supportive relationships. It is one of the ways that we demonstrate care, compassion and connection with another person. I’ve always been a pretty good listener with people, but I might need more practice on my listening-to-spirit skills. If you want some good practical tips…

Gratitude and Acceptance

Originally posted on writing to freedom:
“As human beings our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.” Mohandas Gandhi. Gratitude can be a form of deep acceptance. Today I find myself renewed after having spent some time in gratitude. I am truly grateful for…

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Daddy Issues

Is today a happy Father’s Day? Are you at peace with your relationship to your father? Reading posts around the internet, it appears that many of us still have “daddy issues”. I mean no disrespect. I’ve been there, had many issues with my father and gradually reclaimed my peace and restored our relationship over a…

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Keeping It Real

This post was inspired by a refreshing article by Lauren Fleshman. Her story talks about how she posted a picture looking her best after months of training, specifically to do a modeling photo shoot. She looked great, but then she realized that was perpetuating the myth of perfection that our culture and media constantly portray as the…