Making God Laugh

A beautiful early blooming bush filled with pink blossoms.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” ~ Woody Allen

As soon as I made my weekend date plans last week, life threw me a curve ball. I received a concerned call from my brother about my mom’s health. I knew her health was declining for the reasons below, but he seemed to think I needed to visit soon. The week filled up with calls to my mom and brother, trying to pin down travel plans that suited everyone’s life.

My mom’s health has been declining as she hasn’t been able to eat or keep much food down for a couple of months. This leaves her losing weight, having no energy, and tired of suffering. She went to a gastrologist who gave her a prescription for reflux that hasn’t helped, so now she’s scheduled for blood tests and a MRI. Mom seems ready to give up but is trying to remain hopeful that the tests will determine what’s happening and offer a course of action. I’m flying back to Virginia in a couple weeks to see her, help out, and discuss options with her and my brother.

Secondly, after looking forward to my upcoming date all week, my date canceled at the last minute, leaving me to fly solo.

All of this dashed my hopes for dating, romance, and spring play. With my mom’s situation, my priority will be on her health which may lead to moving back to Virginia. Hopefully, I’ll know more after my visit.

Saturday, I went on a solo hike around town to find some beauty and take a break from worries over my mom. Thankfully, nature always soothes my soul.

“My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.” ~ Claude Monet

Here are some discoveries from my walk around town.

Fields of claytonia virginica carpeted the grass at Wilson Park.


Virginia Springbeauty


Claytonia virginica, aka the Virginia springbeauty, eastern spring beauty, grass-flower, or fairy spud, is an herbaceous perennial plant in the family Montiaceae. Fairy spud seems the perfect name; I can imagine fairies flitting about in these fields of small purple flowers. Or the name Virginia springbeauty could be a preview for things to come. Time will tell.

Early tulips at Wilson Park.

Meanwhile, I’ve booked tickets and am focused on daily living until my trip. It’s important to keep connected to nature, beauty, and gratitude as part of my self-care.

To laugh, love, adapt, and carry on.


77 thoughts on “Making God Laugh

  1. Brad, I’m so sorry to hear about your mum’s declining health and also that your date cancelled. Her loss! Your photos are beautiful. I’m glad you got out in nature, it always helps. Take care my friend.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, Brad. Also sorry your date canceled last minute. I hope the flowers help you remember that there’s more promise ahead for play, fun, and dating, even though plans got a wrench in them this time. Much love your way as you work on readjusting priorities and needing to pivot quickly. I’m going out on a limb here but maybe things can turn out in unexpected ways into a future romance with someone in another place than you imagined. Regardless, sending hugs because your situation is not easy.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your mom’s declining health, Brad, and about your date canceling. Life really does pitch us those curve balls at times. All we can do is keep swinging, hope we get a hit, and go with the flow. Getting out in nature is always a good play. Thanks for sharing the lovely blooms! Spring is slow in coming here in Minnesota, so I’m happy to see them.
    I’ll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, and sending good vibes your way. ❤️🙏☮️

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  4. It’s hard when the tables turn and the children become the caregivers of their parents. That’s life. I know you and your brother will do the best you can for your mother. I wish all of you the best. As for your date canceling, I suppose it depends on the reason. If it’s frivolous, it’s no loss to you. You will be much better off with someone who will be there for you when the chips are down.

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  5. Argh!!! I very much respect the way you are managing to go with the flow, Brad. I join with other commenters in wishing the best for your mom and her lack of appetite/health mystery. Thank you for sharing with us some of the beauty you were wise enough to go out and find… Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

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  6. Ah, nature and gratitude…indeed I agree – the best friends and balms these days. Looks like Spring and Gaia are showering you with beautiful support around each corner, as you navigate things that have unfolded, letting you know that you are held in love the whole way. My heart goes out to you and your family in hearing about your mom’s challenges. I’m so glad you have your brother to help and to hear that your mom has a strong fighting heart. I understand it’s challenging to go through this with her and I am hoping that your mom will be able to find answers that can help ease what she’s experiencing. It’s hard not to know while one goes through obvious challenges. I am holding her in heart and sending lots of strength, clarity, healing love and peace to your family. As for the date, the silver lining I glean is that you are manifesting. Whether timing will tell with this woman, or something else is opening, I feel there’s a flow in motion. We don’t always have to take the first thing we manifest when we get those juices rolling….a lot of times I feel it’s simply a reflection that we can and are manifesting and then we get to fine tune and choose what alignment suits our higher selves best. Time will tell. Lots of love to you Brad, as you embrace each day and maintain what supports your self care so that you can be at your best for your mom.

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  7. Thankfully, nature always soothes my soul – and this felt such a beautiful powerful place to land at, considering how the waves of life take a turn, it is so good to have a place to be and feel nourished before we get to catch up on where we left off!! Those are beautiful blooms you share with us, gives me a feel of the spring as I am sitting through a very stormy rainy day. Wishing lots of ease for your mom and you in the navigation of her health, and complete recovery to her soonest.

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  8. Sorry to read about what your mom is going through, Brad. It is nice that you will be able to see and help her soon. Your date’s loss! Looks like you didn’t let her cancellation stop you from enjoying beautiful scenery. 🌼

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  9. IAM sure your next romance adventure will happen when you’re ready Brad! It’s how we are led through life, the human accepting and flowing by the Divine, glowing in the reflection of all the beauty around us. My mum has had many waves of health issues but with her strong faith seems to bounce back each time! We can just be with our loved ones when we can… having the intention of doing our best to help get each other through these times. Love is very nurturing and healing in itself, somehow we all know what to do for each other! Sending love to you and your mum Brad❤️ Thankyou for sharing your beautiful environment with us all🥰

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  10. I guess I got my answer about your mom, Brad. I’m sorry to hear that her health is declining, and I’m glad that you have plans to see her. It’s a very difficult time of life for everyone, and focusing on love and gratefulness will get you all through it whatever comes. I’m sorry the date didn’t work out. Stay positive and keep shining, my friend. ❤ Beautiful flowers too! I'm a little jealous. ❤

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  11. Sorry to hear of your mom’s health, Brad but all will go well. She will come out of this. I will pray for her well being. Such beautiful and awesome flowers all in their finery and beauty. We need to be grateful for whatever we have been given in life. Stay positive and all will go well. Lots of blessings to your mom.

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  12. I am so sorry to hear you mom is failing and am glad you have the means to get there. It will lift her’s and your brother’s spirits with your presence.

    Sorry about the hike too. Her loss. (maybe she got nervous) Have you heard of any hiking groups near you? It is a great way to meet like-minded people, that love to be healthy. Stay the course.

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  13. I’m so sorry about your mom Brad. It’s such a challenging time when they are declining. This isn’t for the faint of heart. I’m sorry too about your date cancelling but at least you are enjoying your own company flying solo with those beautiful pictures in nature!
    Keep taking good care! 💞
    I like this medicine………….
    ” I’ve booked tickets and am focused on daily living until my trip. It’s important to keep connected to nature, beauty, and gratitude as part of my self-care.’

    To laugh, love, adapt, and carry on.’

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  14. Sending thoughts and prayers out for your Mom Brad.. and Oh to those curve balls in life. We often never see them coming, and yet when we look back, and in on them at a later date, we see how all things were perfectly orchestrated and meant to be…

    Nature is indeed our great comforter and I turn every time to bathe in her healing energies when ever I feel depleted or in need of energy.

    I so loved that carpet of flowers..
    Sending you my thoughts dear Brad…
    Much love your way ❤

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  15. I’m sending all my love to you and your family, Brad. These times are so difficult, so keep doing that thing you do, seeking comfort in the beauty and scents and light of nature and everything around you. The sunrise and sunset each day were my favourite times when I was caring for my dad; the shows the sky put on were necessary medicine for my soul and well-being. To the universe, I am grateful. We don’t need to pay to be dazzled; we simply need to look around. Up, for me, is everything. Safe travels, my friend. I’m holding you in my heart. HNS ❤️

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  16. Hi Brad, I am sorry your date didn’t work out, that is disappointing. I’m even more sorry to hear about your mom’s health, a huge worry for you. My own mom’s health also seems to be deteriorating and we are just going into winter. The flowers are lovely and upflifting.

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  17. God laughs and says, take a hike, so we do. Nature has been one of the constants in my life – though all the ups and downs, nature always helps. I’m glad you know this, too and that this is the time for your mom and family. I’m sending prayers and thoughts for peace and meaningful comfort.

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