Tiny Treasures

I can imagine fairies dancing and playing in these light-filled sprouts.


tiny dancers twirl

whipping and whirling around

dancing with the light


A close-up peek at my front yard.

Looking for tiny details to photograph in nature helps me to slow down, feel peace, and enjoy the moment. It becomes a slow-moving meditation. I’m very grateful for access to nature, tiny treasures, and a cellphone that reasonably captures those beautiful details. I am considering buying a DSLR camera with a macro lens or a fancy cellphone that would allow me to do more macro photography.

A light-filled feather duster.

May we look for the tiny treasures in our daily lives.



86 thoughts on “Tiny Treasures

  1. You have a talent for macro photography, Brad, and your poetry is the perfect complement. I love your photos and how this kind of photography makes you slow down and be in the moment. I suspect a new camera would bring you lots of joy. Have a beautiful day, my friend.

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  2. Your macro photos also invite US to slow down, Brad, and savor them. Thank you, yet again, for an articulate, wise, beautiful, uplifting blog post. I especially liked the dandelion close up view…

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  3. Ohhh, I love that idea, Brad! You take such gorgeous photos and enjoy it so much, I think a camera would send you to a new level
    of excellence. I am considering buying a new camera, too, because Iโ€™m so dissatisfied with the iPhone camera and want to be able to frame some of my memories. Enlarging iPhone photos just doesnโ€™t work out so well. I think it will be a nice new hobby for me, as well. Thanks for the inspiration! I love your photos and poems ๐Ÿ˜

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  4. I just adore these photos and the poem is a delight! I, too, can see and feel the faeries dancing about. I agree with you on how meditative it can be to be in nature and to focus on all of the little beauties and miracles all around…it DOES help one slow down, be in the moment, and marvel at just how much wonder and grace there is out there. Part of why I love taking photos myself..some people think that’s not being present, and yet for me it’s extra presence when I am witnessing and honoring all the little details we take for granted – life as a walking meditation.

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  5. Your beautiful photos encourage me to slow down and look closer, and maybe look into those fancy cell phones. I don’t care about most of the bells and whistles, but the cameras are most important!

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  6. Yes slowing downโ€ฆ a message from our elementals to do! You are certainly connected to them and nature! Love your poem and photos Brad that share this part of life, which unfortunately so many people ignore! I recently treated myself to a new iPhone and have yet to practice the macro photographyโ€ฆ will give it a go and you can judge for yourself as I feel a post is wanting to be born!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™ Thankyou Brad for your unwavering focus of NewEarth๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸŒˆ much love x

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  7. These are some beautiful images. I also love zooming in and looking at the smallest of detailsโ€”its grounding and calming. I love your fairy sprout forest. I see them dancing merrily through the colorful moss.

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  8. Just LOVE this post, Brad!! I encourage you to invest in a really good DSLR and macro lens. Good luck!!! So many companies have turned their cameras over to mirrorless. I know Nikon no longer sells DSLR’s. And yes on Mother ….. SHE is my mediation. She is my saving grace. She is my Guidance. She gives me SO much that oftentimes She leaves me speechless with emotion. I’m SO glad you are taking the time to slow down. We all need to!! Much love to you! xo

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  9. I can imagine fairies in there too. Great haiku. Nature has so many miracles lurking in the ordinary. We just have to pay attention which is hard to do in the modern world with so many distractions and how fast paced life is.

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  10. Absolutely beautiful images Brad… I can see why taking time to focus on these tiny treasures helps calm and slow you down my friend… Makes you realise the total precision of natures beauty in every intricate detail.. โค

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  11. I shoot for similar reasons, Brad. It really takes you out of the narrow-mindedness of the day-to-day and reminds you of how small you are in the universe (if that makes sense). Love these photos.

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  12. Your macros are gorgeous! I can’t imagine a better camera would make them more stunning. I love the poem about the fairies too. My granddaughter and I used to do walkabouts, looking at all the wonderful places fairies might dance or hide.

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  13. The tiny details you capture are a wonderful glimpse into the exquisite beauty of nature – so easy to miss if we don’t take the time. Your posts offer an opportunity to feel the energy of slowing down and being in the moment.

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