Autumn Wonders

There was a second rainbow which you can barely see in the photo.


wonder and awe danced in the air

witnessing nature’s grand affair

neighbors gathering in their yards

chattering like poetic bards

eyes filled with delight

from rainbow-colored light

not to be outdone

clouds summoned by the sun

sparkling with refracted light

wishing all a grand goodnight


A rainbow-colored light show!

This was the first double rainbow that I can remember seeing. It was quite magical and unfortunately hard to capture in photos. Then just as the rainbows were fading, a stunning sunset unfolded, starting with yellow and progressing to pink, orange, and red.

The sun’s response to our rainbow.
Sunset act two.
A grand finale to the show.

Happy Autumn!


88 thoughts on “Autumn Wonders

  1. Wow, what colors! Amazing! The double rainbow is special to witness – I can see it in the first photo. Nice poem too – very clever!

    Trying to post comment by signing in with my email! Donna

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