Pond Life Dreams

The algae have spread to cover almost the whole pond.


algae-covered pond

life hidden beneath the calm

while dreams lie dormant


Photo from the community garden before the algae spread.

This has been a quiet summer for me, focused on work, volunteering, and daily life. Over the last few years, I’ve allowed my dreams to wither and become dormant. Maybe one day, the spark will be reignited. Meanwhile, I’m grateful to live in a quiet community with vibrant pond life. The pond is nearly smothered by algae this summer, possibly due to the extreme heat. And still, the ducks swim, dragonflies hunt, birds and fish feed, while frogs croak. Maybe we will learn to be as adaptable and vibrant as nature.

My front porch.

I’m working extra routes in the next two weeks and won’t be as active on WordPress so I’ve closed the comments. Thanks for your continued love, support, and interest.

May we remember to feed our dreams.