Summer Daze

A view along the route for my courier job.


summer days

living in a haze

relentless heat

dragging my feet

existential threat

dripping with sweat

an irritating motif

longing for relief

my mouth agape

fantasy landscape

cool mountain air

a refreshing affair

alpine meadows

sudden joy arose


The bird bath in our community garden.


The dog days of summer continue to drag on. Never before do I remember being so weary of summer and heat. I stay inside almost all the time, except for brief walks or errands. Not only has this summer been hotter, consistently for days and weeks at a time, but I seem to be less tolerant of the heat. Once I push myself and actually go for a walk or bike ride, it’s not horrible, but I just don’t want to be outside. This makes for an interesting dynamic since I actually love and thrive being outdoors in nature.

Zinnia and guest.


We have lakes in the region, but I haven’t bothered to go anywhere. I seem to have no motivation to be proactive in social, play, dating, travel, or any of the things that I enjoy and might help shift my attitude. My only relief is brief visits to our community garden.

Our community garden from back in July.


I keep telling myself it will eventually cool off and then I can be out more. Meanwhile, I’m grateful for my apartment, AC, the internet, community garden, and friendly neighbors.

I hope your summer has been cooler and more fun than mine!


39 thoughts on “Summer Daze

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, Brad. Heat (plus hot flashes) keeps me indoors some days too. Other days, motivation may elude me for some other reason and I just don’t force it. Here’s to the majesty of Mother Nature, ready to embrace us when we’re ready. Hugs 🌺

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  2. I’m glad you have the community garden and are embracing the gifts that are around you. Although the weather is challenging, your new place feels like it’s nurturing on many levels that help balance things. It’s tough with the warming that continues to impact the world. In many places it creates a new season – fire and smoke season, for instance. While here on the this coastal break, I’m feeling deep gratitude and sending out wishes for relief across the world. Cooling hugs and nourishment to you sweet friend.

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  3. Hi Brad, I was writing you a message and I lost it. What I said was that I am captivated by your photos and especially the one where I want to reflect into the birdbath. Wishing you balance with your inside and outside enjoyment, and when your desire returns, may all align for you. I’m glad you have the internet 😃 and the gorgeous photos 💗

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  4. The floral joy had that rich summer vibe and tie opening poem was good – my husband could relate – he never hiked in august because it is too hot and this month drags for him in ways as well

    Oh and the photo of the sky and clouds is really beautiful


  5. Gorgeous photos. It’s interesting that you long for cooler days Brad while I’m hanging out for some warmth after a long, cold and extraordinarily wet winter. At least you have the community garden which looks wonderful. Times will change, we just have to make the most of it don’t we. Sending cool hugs from across the ocean. 💙

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  6. Very hot here at times as well Brad…I think it was pretty universal this summer. It’s called Weather manipulation unfortunately…All part of the war we are in but we will win in the end! God and love always win! Stay as cool as you can and be kind to yourself. Ice cubes in a wash cloth on the back of your neck works wonders! Good luck….VK 🙂

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  7. Hi Brad,
    Wonderful pictures. I am glad you have that beautiful garden to replenish your soul.
    Like you, I go through phases, some times doing more and other not wanting to get out of the house. I often think that the reason I do online dating is not really to find someone but to be forced to dress up and get out of the house.
    Be kind to yourself, but do push yourself a little bit – I guess there is a happy medium there somewhere.
    Sending you blessings!

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  8. I’ve been lucky regarding the mild summer here in Oregon, Brad, but I feel your weariness. This has been a brutal summer for so many people. Your photos are gorgeous, truly. I hope the end to the heat comes soon and you can return to your nature walks. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  9. Beautiful poem and photos. It’s really hot here too and I’m feeling the same thing. It’s been triple digits all week and I find it makes me grumpy and impatient. I saw little ceramic pumpkins at the grocery store yesterday and it made me so happy. Fall is coming!

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  10. We have been blessed here in the Pacific Northwest with a very moderate summer. We have had some “hot” days, but fortunately they only last a couple of days and then the ocean sends in clouds and cooler temps. Having come from Southern California, I love the break in heat!! I hear you though with wanting to stay indoors with that kind of heat!! Take Care!!

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  11. Yes the heat is on all over the world… even in the cooler climates, change is happening, trying to wake more and more people up! Thank goodness for our community gardens, of which yours is gorgeous🎶 I make myself get up early and walk by the ocean each morning before coming back to hibernate👣 It’ll soon pass and we’ll be moaning no doubt about the cold! So we each do our best and reflect on ourself and life… making necessary changes❤️ Thanks for your beautiful post Brad and the ones before I’ve just been reading! We need to hang in here and continue our sharing the good news we’re all creating! Much love x

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