Foraging for Beauty

A whole micro-world on the forest floor.


my secret garden

when walking through the forest

where wonders abound


mystery tree fruit
dew drops and delicate leaves
a tree budding for spring

You might notice that I don’t even know the name of most of these plants and trees. I do know some, but it isn’t important to me. I am more interested in observing and appreciating the details of nature. Some people find more joy in learning about the plants and trees they encounter. Maybe I’m a simple-minded fool, but I’m happy just observing! Sometimes I am stunned into silence and wonder at the marvels I encounter. The details in nature’s web of life are miraculous to me.

May you find and enjoy the beauty in the world around you; be that plants, people, animals, or man-made wonders.

mystery fungus

To foraging for beauty in our daily lives.


72 thoughts on “Foraging for Beauty

  1. I LOVE your attention to detail, Brad! The photo of dew on grass in particular makes me smile broadly. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. And one of your photo captions (“A whole micro-world on the forest floor.”) reminded me of news I read recently regarding a species of Lady’s Slipper orchid which was thought to be extinct AND was re-discovered in Vermont. They mentioned in this story that they needed to study what underground networks of fungi + bacteria might be supporting this orchid’s existence in a very particular location…

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  2. These photos are incredible. You have a great eye for wonder. That first one I could live in and get lost forever. Love the micro faery forest floor! I’m like you, I love enjoying the beauty and don’t need to know the details. I love experiencing rather than filling my brain with info. To beauty, joy and wonder!

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  3. Absolutely beautiful photos Brad.. Your photography just keeps getting better and better… I love the Micro world and the hairs on those leaves… and dew drops…
    It matters not, you are so right about names of things… What is in a name… More important is noticing it and seeing the beauty and the marvel of nature as she interacts, blends and is in co-operation with all around her..
    Magical photos Brad… really enjoyed delving into the world through your lens.. πŸ˜€
    Wishing you a lovely week Brad πŸ™‚
    Much love ❀

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  4. Seems most of us are heading to the woods and nature these days when I read the different blogs. Great minds think alike I guess πŸ™‚ Great photos Brad! Amazing colors and textures. Nothing like nature to calm the soul Thanks for sharing! VK

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  5. It is a treat to view plants from different regions. Thanks for sharing, Brad. πŸŒ±πŸŒΏπŸ„ I am with you – I enjoy observing and being in nature more than I enjoy researching names of unfamiliar plants.

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  6. I am like you Brad….I do not have to know the names of every plant….I just enjoy the intense pleasure of observing them. In the UK many Gardeners (including my late mother) pride themselves on knowing the Latin names for plants and shrubs…..Again for me it’s all about the joy of observing them and feeling the wonder that they invoke. Thanks for the beautiful photographs. Janet X

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    • Thank you Janet. I’m glad you can relate and enjoy simply watching and feeling too. And I will admit that knowing the names sometimes adds another dimension to the process and appreciation. Hugs…


  7. First, your title is perfection. Foraging beauty, indeed. May we all do so every day (and so few do, unfortunately). Second, I’m like you – I’d rather appreciate the details, the gorgeousness of each tiny piece of the natural whole, then learn the name. I suppose it’s unscientific of me, but I’ll go with intuition any day. And third, your photos are sooooo sensual. ❀

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  8. I love your close-up photography, Brad. It’s just stunning the way it focuses the eye and mind on the wondrous shape, color, and composition of nature. Photography forces us to pause and observe, whether we are the photographer or the ones who get to view the pictures. You have so much talent. And your poetry is a wonderful complement to your photos. Beautiful post, my friend. I want more.

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  9. I’m like you Brad, I don’t know the names of most of the plants I admire but it doesn’t stop me from appreciating their beauty. Love your photos. πŸ’šπŸŒ±

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