The Soul of a Garden

Our lush community garden, courtesy of Linda.

Have you ever connected with the soul of a garden? Does a garden even have a soul? Or how about the plants, flowers, birds, insects, and other creatures who visit?

No doubt this is true.

I don’t really have an answer. I know some who would argue for and against. What I do know is a vibrant garden like our community garden is a fountain of life. People, animals, and insects flock to the garden to enjoy and feed themselves, physically and spiritually. When I sit and admire the garden, I feel more at peace and part of something bigger than myself.

From earlier in the year. The Canada Geese have now moved on to cooler climates.

I know friends and fellow bloggers who talk to their plants and critters, seeking to connect with and nurture the life within them. One friend, Tania Marie, has consciously dedicated her whole property to be a sanctuary for animals and is now regularly visited by animals that normally avoid humans.

Glowing with color and life.

If nothing else, she demonstrates what is possible with the conscious choice to reach out, tune in, and connect with the life around her. And there is no doubt that nature (plants and animals) responds to our loving energy.

May more of us develop relationships with nature that spring from unity and love. Then the world will truly be a beautiful place. Meanwhile, Louis Armstrong reminds us to find beauty where we are.

May you find many ways to feed your soul.


62 thoughts on “The Soul of a Garden

  1. I DO think that a garden develops some sort of collective energy. The folks at Findhorn in Scotland, I think, describe this phenomenon as a deva or angel (??? β€” I could be mis-remembering this…) overseeing a place/community such as a lovingly tended garden. Thank you for another delicious blog post, Brad!

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    • I agree Will and have read about Findhorn and other gardens grown in love and conscious collaboration with nature that seem to thrive. We have much to learn about nature and living in harmony with her.


  2. “Flowers feed the soul” everytime I look at the beauty of a garden it feeds my soul. God’s creations are amazing. Brad, your pictures are all so clear and beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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    • You are most welcome Lynda. I’m delighted my photos and words can remind you of nature’s beauty and the love a cared-for garden carries. And thank you for the love you share with the garden and community. πŸ’•


  3. I do think we can feel an energy from nature and especially from a place and garden that is loved. Thank you for a wonderful post, Brad. Hugs to you. Xx ❀

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  4. First of all you have to take time to connect with nature, to look, feel, listen, taste and admire it. The more you do this, the more you will learn that every living creature has a soul that we need to respect. Nature creates the opportunity for men to live on earth and not vice versa !! Beware of those who pretend the opposite !

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  5. This is such a gorgeous post via feelings, image windows, and your words. I was already lit up reading and looking at all the beauty, then got a butterfly in the tummy when I saw you mention my garden sanctuary here. Aw!! Warms my heart and what a sweet gift on this Solstice! I just love the message here and feeling your vibrant heart being touched and inspired by nature, Brad. I’ve always loved that song, too, by Louis Armstrong. A beautiful way to celebrate this day! Yay!

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  6. A nurturing and delightful post, Brad. Not sure about a soul, but plants have an uplifting energy that enriches lives and the planet, and of course they feed us. Trees might have a soul, especially the old majestic ones. 😁✨🌳

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  7. Beautiful Brad, nature will always reward us when we give her a little love and attention.
    My gardening has been mainly focused this year on crops in my garden blog.
    But I’m sat surrounded by flowers that reward me here in my home garden year after year..
    Loved your community garden Brad.. . just beautiful photos. 😍

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  8. β€œDoes the Garden Have a Soul” you stopped me in my tracks with this gem 🌸 I was reading somewhere that trees β€˜sense’ your presence and lean into you when you notice them. This post was a heartwarming wink from the universe to spend more time in my garden looking up at the trees 🌳 Grateful for your words and photos Brad. SHIFTED HIGHER THANKS TO YOU πŸ™

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    • You’re most welcome Andrea. I’m delighted my post touched and inspired you to commune with your garden. I’m sure plants and trees respond to love just like people and animals. Together we rise. πŸ’•


  9. Such a beautiful and soul touching post, Brad πŸ™‚ Wonderful photos, the first one I think is special and can see the attraction, and all of your shots show how nature can touch us all and your words “I feel more at peace and part of something bigger than myself…” is describes this well. Cheers to a great weekend!

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  10. I’m totally open to the idea that plants generate an aura that we can absorb, and that they pick up on ours too. This planet is so much more wondrous than our little tiny brains will ever know. Your community garden is delightful, and thanks for introducing me to Tania. Her yard sounds like a piece of heaven. Enjoy your weekend, my friend. ❀

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  11. Your community garden looks lovely, Brad! 🌸🌼🌺 Gardens definitely feed the soul! And they also remind us of how everything is connected, and how by working together and simply being what we are truly created for, we can make the world a more beautiful, peaceful place. ✌️ πŸ’•

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  12. Brad, a beautiful and uplifting post celebrating nature, gardens and life! Gardens are such a wonderful source for connecting with nature, coming back to earth after stressful days and overall an amazing place of harmony. I treasure my haven! Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular and a vital resource for so many. My son and his girlfriend became involved with one such project during the pandemic and it was a lifeline for them in the outdoors and to meet others safely.

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