Rise Up with Marwa

Marwa at a sports day for women.

I was incredibly moved by Marwa’s story of growing up in Camp Gaza. Her story is full of compassion, determination, and a clear sense of purpose. I admire who she is becoming and what she has already accomplished. I believe her story (and actions) will women and many others.

She grew up in Camp Gaza under harsh conditions and extreme restrictions, especially as a woman who was expected to marry and do as her husband told her. Instead, she found the courage and support of her mother to divorce, finish school, move away, and become a social worker and champion for the women of Gaza.

Her harsh life helped forge her into a courageous and compassionate young woman who has dedicated herself to helping other women rise up. She has already formed the first all-women football team despite cultural barriers to do so. Marwa is determined to empower other women to dream, accomplish goals, and be responsible for themselves. She continues to work to create tools, opportunities, and programs to help them.

If you’d like to learn more about Marwa and her story, read her blog called my name is Marwa.

May we all rise up in courage and compassion.


46 thoughts on “Rise Up with Marwa

  1. Glad she is being recognized, for her efforts are worthy of praise and support…Good people are all around us but we have to be open to their presence in our hearts and minds. Thanks for sharing Brad. May she feel good about what she has done with her life….VK

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  2. Inspiring post, Brad, and great thanks for bringing her story and courage to us all ~ she is amazing. Taking the circumstances she was born into and making such a special life for her and those around her.

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  3. Brad, many thanks for sharing about Marwa and her incredible story. Against the odds, she is striving to make the most of an almost impossible situation and it is amazing the long way she has come already! Reading about Gaza, it beggars belief that a temporary solution is still in existence so many decades later. An inspiring post!

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    • You’re most welcome Annika. Yes, it’s sad and hard to believe that this community has existed in limbo for decades. Another example of our insanity in how we treat each other. Thankfully, there are also people like Marwa who inspire and show the best of us.

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  4. Marwa, sounds an incredible woman Brad… A special lady with courage to stand alone and in such an environment.. There are still so many suffering ‘Enslavement’ in so many ways, in so many nations.. She truly is courageous..
    Many thanks for sharing her Story Brad.. ❤

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  5. Always love hearing good news Brad, there is so much we should all focus on it more! Thank goodness people are making a difference and finding a way to escape the enslavement culture❤️ Thankyou for caring and reporting, sending love x

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