A Year of Intentional Living

Lake Fayetteville

My plan for 2022 is to live more intentionally. I’ve let my life slide into boredom, routine, and inertia. I want to be more proactive and intentional in my choices, balanced with an understanding that I don’t control life. The way to thrive is by working with life, accepting, responding, and flowing with what is. As I have written about before, choice is our magic power. We always have the power of choice in how we respond to life, even if we don’t control what happens in life.

My watchwords for 2022 are love, play, and unity. They will be my anchors for intentional living and making choices that align with my values and priorities.

Last week, we had a surprise misty morning after a night of rain. The world looked magical, shrouded in mist and dewdrops. I took a walk around Lake Fayetteville and found a wonderland of beauty to enjoy and photograph. Here are a few of my “discoveries.”

Dew drops on a rose branch.
Dew on a spider web.
The dew highlighted a fairyland of webs all around the forest.
Close up of dew on moss.

To an Intentional New Year!


129 thoughts on “A Year of Intentional Living

  1. I love your watchwords for 2022 Brad. And I love what you wrote β€œThe way to thrive is by working with life, accepting, responding, and flowing with what is.” So true. When we fight and resist we pull away from our own authentic power. I hope you rediscover the magic of life this year. To intentional living! πŸ™πŸ’™

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  2. What an inspiring and delightful post, Brad! Your watchwords are gems, and embracing the power of choice is the way to go. Your keen eye for the beauty in simple things all around — and your ability to make them magical — will take you far in creating a wonderful 2022.πŸ’œπŸ’«

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  3. It’s always good to be reminded that we do not control life…Flowing is so much more comfortable. One of my favourite sayings is that ‘when I get in the driver’s seat – watch out’:). Thank you for these beautiful images and I wish you a beautiful year ahead..:)X

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  4. The dew drops you captured are magical! I lingered at the first one and then marveled at the rest one at a time.
    Your post affirms and reinforces living intentionally for me. I love the words you have indentified for yourself. For me it has been – rebirth. Stepping into a new life – I wish to be intentional of not falling into old patterns. Wishing you the most magical times ahead!!

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  5. Beautiful captures of those droplets Brad, and great words for 2022! I chose some words myself for the new year (something I haven’t done before), and it’s interesting because I’d think that I ordinarily would have chosen words more like yours, but mine are quite different – purge, shed, release, relinquish, renew, and embark. Wishing you all the best, my friend! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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  6. Stunning nature captures, Brad. Dew drops transformed the spider webs into delicate jewelry. It seems that our pandemic living has contributed to “boredom, routine, and inertia” so don’t be too hard on yourself, but I have no doubt that your year of intentional living will come to fruition! Best to you! ✨

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  7. Beautiful photography Brad, so enchanting and intentional❀️ Love your words for 2022 too, here’s to intentionally being in the flow, playing and loving creating a life of unity for yourself❀️ and keep your eye out for that lady! sending you loveπŸ₯°

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  8. I hope you’re not too hard on yourself for having fallen into inertia. It happens to all, and not everyone has the self-awareness to realize it. Just keep remembering your magic words every time you feel yourself slipping back. Your images are really beautiful.

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  9. Those photos are gorgeous, Brad. There is a whole other world going on around us, and it’s incredible what we can find if we simply take a look. Your approach to life for 2022 sounds like one I will also incorporate. Fingers crossed that we both make some excellent choices in the year ahead and find the things we most seek. Happy New Year, my friend. HNS πŸ’•

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  10. Brad, your post title grabbed my attention immediately. Your post resonates deeply with me as I’ve had similar thoughts but haven’t decided to act on them yet. Your words have given me a much-needed look at how I approach life this year. Routine during Covid times seemed to be the safest yet it can also become a rut. I love the idea of giving intentional thought to my days, to my musings, visions. You have chosen wisely your three words for the year and I wish you much love, play and unity in 2022!

    Your photos are stunning, enthralling and enticing …thank you so much for sharing here! There is such glory and wonder in the minutiae of life!

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  11. “The person who reads is a man, but the person who writes is the real man.” ~Chanakya
    I hope everyone has a positive and joyful year and life. Thank you for spreading such positivity. This post surely brought the strength I wanted. A good way to kick start this year!
    New resolutions, new achievements to unlock. πŸ”“

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  12. Love your watch-words for 2022 Brad… We are in Sync again my friend and Intention is everything and you have set our a wonderful plan to follow for the New Year and Beyond.. Going with the flow and allowing the Universe to help you unfold your true potential… Finding JOY in all things which you LOVE to do… Brings UNITY of Spirit and PEACE of Mind… ❀
    Have a wonderful 2022 dear Friend ❀

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  13. “…anchors for intentional living and making choices that align with my values and priorities,” resonates with me, especially the word, priorities. This year I am examining and living according to my priorities, but I don’t have any anchors, so I’m curious about that. I love those close ups!

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  14. Incredibly beautiful photos, Brad! And boy do I love your words and INTENTIONS for the new year! I think there is a huge balance between living with what is while also setting intentions for what we want. Here’s to a wonderful 2022, where inner peace reigns supreme!! Sending lots of good energy…and lots of love and light!

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  15. An intentional year ~ I like the feel of this. You are absolutely correct in saying the way to thrive is by working with life, flowing with what it gives you. I like your attitude of building on the flow instead of trying to force ideas and issues, which seems to be the easiest thing believing it gives you control of your life, but instead all it does is disrupt the flow. Beautiful words, Bard πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Great photos too!

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    • It was a good intention Randall. I’ve already fallen in my plan and would like to find the flow while searching for my next home. But overall life is good. May your year be full of love and adventure. 😍


  16. Wonderful thoughts and watchwords to start the year, Brad. Good on you for wanting to live more intentionally through love, play and unity. So agree that choice is our magic power. When we take a step back and be in the quiet, we can truly think and make conscious choice – and we can all make conscious magic choices to better our lives. This year I also hope to live more intentionally. I’d say my words for the year are flow, simple and fun.

    Beautiful photos and hope you get to take more photos this year.

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