Walking in Gratitude

Moody moments around town.


a walk in the woods

crisp air, warrm hues, earthy smells

nature’s medicine


Faded Glory


The colors around town were actually better than in the woods this year. I’m grateful for many outdoor choices, reliable transportation, and easy access to parks to refresh my body and spirit.

The job has pushed me on many levels. I was exhausted the first week, overwhelmed by the pace and volume, and ready to quit. And I didn’t expect the packages to be so grungy. My friends know how much I love to keep my car and home clean and tidy so the dirty packages and messy car have been really pushing my buttons. I could easily lose myself in the emotional reaction and give up on my goals. Thankfully, I took some time to be quiet, look at the situation more objectively, and remind myself why I’m doing this job: to build up some savings, push myself, and try something new. And it’s helpful to acknowledge the good in this job too; being paid to walk, exercise, and deliver gifts. Not a bad gig!

The challenges are manageable as long as I remember my reasons. I’ve recommitted to staying with the job through the end of December. Thankfully, I have friends, solitude, and autumn treasures to help me recharge for the weeks ahead.

Colorful contrasts


May we have dreams that inspire and gratitude for whatever shows up.

Muted colors this year at Whiterock Overlook


May your days be full of blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

#gratitude, #Thanksgiving

42 thoughts on “Walking in Gratitude

  1. Brad, with views like these around you I feel you soon will get used to pay the price.
    I would love to sit at the creek ( colourful contrasts) and just be.
    Maybe you could bring one of your blankets to sit on and wash it ever now and again.

    I have the same attitude to cleanliness as you so do understand…..you will find a way.


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  2. Brad, Your concern with clean home and car I get. I so get! I think the fact that youre looking at it like this : “And it’s helpful to acknowledge the good in this job too; being paid to walk, exercise, and deliver gifts. Not a bad gig!” is perfect. Paid to walk, I’m already sold on that 🙂 Walking in beautiful surroundings like yours, will be a treat for you too. You will begin to enjoy it ❤

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  3. Brad, nature has incredible healing power, recuperating and re-energising us when we need it most. The photographs are stunning and love the creek one. It sounds as if the time of serenity has helped you find some new grounding and decisions made for the immediate short-term. I feel for you with all the dirt in your car and hope you can find a workable solution. Wishing you a peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving! I’ll toast to ‘May we have dreams that inspire and gratitude for whatever shows up.’ 😀

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  4. Even faded, Mother is just so magnificent. As for your job, Brad, change is really not easy especially when we are pushed out of our comfort zone. When these things happen I tend to look at the situation as a big learning opportunity, or a growth opportunity as well. Uncomfortable as all get out, yet, IF we hang in there, we will notice a change in our thinking, our “reactions”, and how we reason to accept what is. We then attain another notch in our belt! Hang in there, my friend. You’ve got this. Rest when you can! (((HUGS)))!!! xo

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  5. What beautiful photos, Brad. Nature is a natural pick-me-up and sure has a way of putting things into perspective. I’m glad stepping outside helped you refocus. I hope the month ahead goes well, and you manage to stash away lots of loot for the next step in your adventure! Lots of love and hugs, my friend. 🍁💕

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  6. With nature and scenes that you have around you ~ it seems all in life will be worth it for the opportunity to visit and take in all you see, love the photos! Your line “push myself, and try something new” is just the spirit that pushes us humans up to another level, those micro-evolutionary moments that in the end make such a great differences in a life and the lives that surround. Cheers to a great start on the holiday season ~ no matter how wild it will get for you, it will be an experience to treasure 🙂

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  7. Ah so much to be thankful for walking in our beautiful countryside Brad! It allows you put everything into perspective… putting up with the disadvantages… and looking forward to some extra saving! I thought my husband was alone in loving everything clean and tidy! I’m more wild and untidy🤣😂 sending love to you❤️


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