Three Steps to Finding Flow

I’m committing myself to finding the flow.

Finding the flow on my hike.

This is a follow up to my post about the power of kindness. While that gift gave me a boost to get things rolling, I realized a deeper intention for me is wanting to merge my life with spirit. To live in grace and flow from living for something greater than myself. Union and flow seem to be the key to making this shift, along with surrender and letting go.

I’ve experienced brief moments and some periods of flow in my life, but not consistently. Then I give up and go back to my routine life full of struggle and disconnection. I want more flow and am willing to do the work to build more flow in my life. I’ve met some people who are masterful at flow, surrendering to something bigger, and finding a sense of ease and grace by working with life. Too many of us struggle at life, trying to impose our will on life, when in reality, life is in control. This is a tough pill for many of us to swallow. I’ve been circling around this paradox for over 30 years. I admire people who can simply surrender, trust, and flow. I get way too mental about the whole process and all of life for that matter.

Flow is about learning to live from the heart with whole body awareness. Then we are no longer a separate aspect from life trying to control things, but rather an open vessel allowing life to flow through us.

Here are my three steps to finding flow: BTW, I totally made all of this up, so we shall see whether it works. It seemed to come from a sense of connection and listening, so here goes!

1- Centering. Get quiet and still. Meditate, rest, relax, and open yourself. Sit until you feel a sense of peace and union with something bigger than yourself.

2- Merging. Lean into that union with life, god, or nature. Revel in the sense of union and connection. Sometimes this is instant, sometimes it requires getting our mind and ego out of the way to make room for flow. Feel the sense of alignment, connection, and peace that come from union. This is the merging step.

3- Acting. Act on the messages received while in union. This builds trust and flow, being mindful to stay open and heart centered. Without trying to figure anything out, just act, move, and flow.

Now, you’re in flow. Keep it going as long as you can. Don’t expect flow to be continual, but do continually pause, connect, listen, and act.

Let the games begin! Happy Flowing!


61 thoughts on “Three Steps to Finding Flow

  1. I like your formulation and guidelines, Brad. Here’s to a healthy balance of “form” and “flow” in our lives! Those are the words a voice teacher once used to explain how it can be very useful to prepare diligently for a performance by practicing, memorizing, planning, rehearsing, etc. (i.e. form) so that one can then confidently surrender to whatever happens during the actual performance, such as a music stand falling over, power going out, encountering a heckler in the audience, a fellow musician forgetting to return to a certain section of a song after a solo, etc. (i.e. flow).

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  2. Great advice and inspirations Brad πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ’›
    Now let yourself go in to this space. The key is to let go of thinking and any sense of trying to be. This is the thinking mind/ego at work. Take a moment to pause. Breathe. Relax into your deepest sense of being.

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  3. HI Brad, there are definitely many things we can’t control in our lives and it is pointless to rail against them. We can’t control illness, pandemics, governments decisions, and death. We can control our own input into these things. We can do our best to help by wearing a mask, reducing our consumption, etc. Finding flow is a peaceable thing to do. I go there years ago when I realised I could do nothing about my sons chronic illnesses except accept them and treat as best I can with the aid of modern medicine. I also realised that many people have it much worse than me.

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  4. Thank you so much for this rejuvenating and motivating post, Brad. To go with the flow of life and to follow the three steps that you have so nicely said is what we really want and need to do for a peaceful and happy life and this we can achieve once we surrender to the Spirit.

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  5. The best advice comes from within the self. I believe that times of disconnection and despair are part of merging with the flow. You learn how to navigate them and they become less intense with practice. At least this is my experience.

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  6. Beautiful photos, Brad! A wonderful phrase and mission β€˜merge my life with spirit.’ Flow reminds me of acceptance. I remind myself of this concept almost daily. It fits in with your word β€˜surrender.’ You bring up three great categories. I also believe it is a life-long process. Thank you for sharing a thought-provoking post.

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  7. I can relate to getting too mental, so the flow feels wonderful when I rememeber to go there. Your steps make sense. It seems that the older we get, the more we move (slowly at times) toward acceptance. Flow on, Brad!

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  8. Isn’t it funny how hard it is to let go and be. It is a paradox, Brad. I love your steps; they’re great for getting out of your head. And I hope you find a way to flow within a supportive community. I’m glad you have some people in your life who are good at that. Beautiful photo too. What a place to be present.

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  9. Seems like a good recipe to me, Brad! I’ve been wrangling with the same paradox for many years as well. It seems when we can separate our longing for the way we wish things to be from how they really are…well…that is when we can get down to the business of changing the things we can change…like our MINDS! Here’s to being in the moments and connecting to the Magnificence of Creation!!

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  10. I loved and appreciated this post – it affirms my own process and journey of arriving at understanding this. I was in awe of those who could surrender with such natural ease. It was revolutionary for me to realize and accept I have no control over much of life and yet I have the power of influencing my trajectory in the more easeful direction by leaning within and merging with the flow, listening in and following the guidance. It is amazing to operate from that rich nothingness.

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