Flower Power

Yum! I love the vibrant color and delicate pistils of this beauty.




birds and bees

beauty beckons

life giving harvest

miracles of nature

from seed to blossom to husk

seasons of life on grand display

teachers of nature’s perfect rhythm

aligning my heart with the beat of love


Golden goodness to attract birds, bees, and me!

I’ve been missing flowers and wanted to share some of my favorites from this spring and summer. I don’t know their names, only that they make my heart happy. Flowers are so fleeting, even wildflowers that may bloom for a month or so. They blossom, share their beauty, pollen, and color, then fade into dried husks and compost to return next year.

Neon colors on our town square.
More exotics from the gardens on the town square.

May you find, savor, and appreciate what fills your heart.


70 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. A beautiful and joyous share with indeed some yummy colors and bursts of vibrancy. That first one is my fav! Yellow is just so exuberant! πŸ’› Thank you for sharing the inspiration. We need more expressions of hope and beauty in the world like this.

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  2. Beautiful photos, Brad, and a wonderful etheree. I’m a flower fan too. Sometimes I think about nature and wonder why it created such amazing colors and variety. Just because? Just to be beautiful? Flowers feel like gifts to be admired and enjoyed. Lovely post.

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  3. An evocative poem celebrating flowers, Brad! Coupled with the stunning photos this is a post brimming with the power of flowers. Luckily we have them in our garden and local big gardens from February to November so can enjoy the beauty every day!

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