Back to the Lake

Lake Wedington


light feathery dreams

floating on white puffy clouds

serene lake moments


This weekend, I returned to Lake Wedington, a lovely lake and park just 12 miles west of town. It was a nice morning before the heat and rain set in. The only thing missing was swimming. This lake restricts swimming to one small roped area when it is open, but this year the swimming and picnic areas are closed. Plus, I don’t enjoy swimming in a small area crowded with people and screaming kids. I prefer finding quiet places I can soak up the solitude of nature and refreshment of being in water. In fact, this mini adventure reminded me of the six months I spent in Madison WI in 2010. It was a joyful summer spent biking, swimming, and exploring this fun college town. I wonder where my life might be if I had chosen to stay in Madison. The cold winters scared me off, but I loved the lakes, extensive bike lanes, and fun vibe of Madison. Maybe a visit in winter would be wise to see if I could imagine living there year round. I know I loved my summer adventure there.

Summer is a great time to get out and explore, especially in water.

To summer adventures!


60 thoughts on “Back to the Lake

  1. Beautiful, Brad, both your poem and the ethereal pictures. You got the sky both
    in the water and sky. I have taken photos like that too and love the feeling of seeing
    All reflected in the water.
    Shame about the swimming. I love swimming too and grew up on an island where
    you could jump in anywhere from cliffs or stones. So exhilarating.

    You go and test the winter, it might be a surprise.


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  2. Funny, my hubby grew up in Madison, Wi. Just last year we finally moved away after living just outside of Madison for the last 23 years. It finally got too cold for us! Lol…

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  3. Your Lake Wedington looks and sounds like my kind of place. I can see why you return. Your photos are beautiful and your haiku lovely, as always.
    I wonder…why not relocate, Brad? What gorgeous snowy photos you’d create.

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  4. Lots of water-loving people follow your blog, Brad! I join their chorus of agreement that swimming. in un-roped-off, somewhat tranquil settings is the way to go. I got to swim almost daily in Lake Cayuga (one of the Finger Lakes in upstate NY) for 10 days this summer. Ahh… As I think I have already written on FB, your photos often cause me to take an involuntary deep breath of air. Something about the beauty combined with the serenity of your vision? It’s such a treat to savor your photos. The middle one in this post is fascinating and mysterious… The third one is such an anthem of summer’s lush greenery… Thank you for gracing our days with your blog posts.

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    • Thank you for the gracious, kind, and flattering comments Will. My head (and heart) are swelling! I’m a little jealous of your lake trip. I had so much fun the summer I spent in Madison with daily biking and swimming. I’m grateful for your friendship and that you find value in my photos. Hugs


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