Verdant Moments

The view from Yellow Rock Outlook, Devil’s Den Park


humid lush and green

valley ripe with summer growth

my verdant moments


The park is over flowing with limestone bluffs and boulders.

I finally got out in the woods to feed my body and soul this Sunday. Thankfully, I timed it well in between rain storms with only a brief sprinkle while I was at the park. Devil’s Den is a lovely state park offering mountains, valleys, and caves to explore. Often the creek is near dry by mid summer, but this year the creek was running strong from all the rain we’ve had. It was soothing to hike along the bottom listening to the running water. I’m grateful for our verdant region when so much of the country is dry and/or on fire this year.

The creek was brown from so much rain and silt.

May you have water to soothe your body and soul!


69 thoughts on “Verdant Moments

  1. I love this blog post. Hurrah for such verdant lushness! You take such beautiful photos and then enhance them significantly with your poetry… THANK YOU for sharing some of your park visit with us.

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  2. Beautiful photographs….and yes oh so lush……It would seem that much rain is to be found in many places around the world. In fact there are either major flood events or terrible droughts.. In the UK we are experiencing a record breaking heatwave…
    Enjoy your summer. Janet πŸ™‚

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  3. It’s strange how half the country is suffering from drought while the other half is inundated with rain. I love the sound of water running over stones. And I’m so glad you got out into the verdant landscape around you. Beautiful haiku, Brad. πŸ™‚

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  4. Wonderful to visit this lush and verdant park, Brad. The endless array of green trees and limestone bluffs and rock formations are beautiful, but I think that wide and full creek is what drew me the most.

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  5. What a beautiful place, Brad. I am so happy that you have such an incredible place nearby that you can get out and explore. I really feel that no matter how bad things feel inside, that the answer is to get out in nature and explore the natural beauty that is everywhere (If we are willing to see it!)
    Sending lots of good energy πŸ™‚

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