Summer Days

A moment of serenity at the lake.


lingering summer

blooming flowers brutal heat

beauty and the beast


Radiant colors from the Black Eyed Susan.
A moment of beauty in a city park I found while driving my courier route.

I wish I could say I’ve been traveling, going on adventures, or even going out hiking, but the reality is I’ve mostly been indoors, walked some around the neighborhood, and gone on one hike at a nearby lake. I’m grateful that we haven’t had the intense heat wave that is impacting much of the country. The summer heat always makes me want to find water to swim and play. Yet for some reason, I haven’t sought out water this year and really haven’t been doing much outdoors at all. And still, I’m grateful for the moments of beauty and peace that come from my limited time in nature this summer. While many of my friends are having outdoor adventures, I’m playing along in my imagination.

Whatever you do, may your heart be full of peace.

48 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. Beautiful Brad. Sounds like you’re creating spaciousness within to be with things in the way that aligns for you moment by moment. Peace and gratitude for what is is a great message and your experience is an example for others for being with what we do have.

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  2. I love this post! I have been feeling so guilty about spending very little outside this summer even though, like you, I so appreciate all that nature has to offer us. But, I guess, sometimes life is just like this and it doesn’t diminish our appreciation for the outdoors.

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  3. The photo of the stream with the reflections is stunning, Brad. And you’re right that the heat has been a beast this summer. I’m glad you’re enjoying your imagination despite not getting out much. Be well, my friend. ❤

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  4. The pictures are so serene beautiful!! I relate to how incredible gifts these glimpses feel – as I too have tended to be indoors a lot and when I do get excuses to venture out it feels an exhilarating experience of nature and such peace!

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  5. Spending time in imagination is a wonderful space and place. ✨ The water in the first photo looks like glass. Such calmness and your haiku is creative. Lovel post, Brad. Enjoy your time, in our outside. 🌞

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  6. You’re having adventures of your soul. I’ve been dark. I get ideas all the time, but I can’t finish them all! I’m a woman, but I wrote on my quote board and in a story, “Women are like slot machines. You put money in, but you know you will never win. Do you want the cherry with the drink or just the drink?” that makes me feel like a bad person.

    Like five minutes, I came up with this:

    You see me, flower.
    The sin is I will pluck you,
    Destiny, you see?

    I’m not a good person this morning.

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