Macro Musings

Flower abuzz with life!


tiny nature views

precious moments of beauty

the stirring of love


Eye of beauty.


Stunning colors and contrast.


The call of love. Flowers speak to my heart.

These images are from earlier this spring when I was passionately enjoying the unfolding of life. Sadly, my motivation to get out has waned, along with my desire to write. Thankfully, I have a backlog of beautiful photos to share and enjoy.

May your week be full of beautiful musings.


99 thoughts on “Macro Musings

  1. The pictures are taken so beautifully, Brad and such a lovely Haiku. We are all getting sucked in at the moment but try like a brave warrior and come back to the present which is ever beautiful. Take care and a big hug and love to you dear.

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  2. Inspiration comes and goes. There always seems to be a slump at the end of spring. Thank you for sharing these lovely images and words, Brad. 😊

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  3. Your photos are stunning Brad.. Your have a beautiful eye within your lens… Love the BEE…. and pollen sacks so clear… ❀
    Sometimes our enthusiasm wanes… as mine at the moment…. for Blog land…. But my hands are never idle…. And while one is left alone another develops…
    I feel dear Brad your mojo will return when needed…. And while we rest… we are growing internally… Never forget that…. Look upon those times of silent contemplation when nothing seems to inspire… As periods where our best Internal work is unfolding…
    Enjoy your rest periods… Treat them as visits to the internal Library .. ❀ as we gather internal Knowledge for the next spurt of external growth.. ❀

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  4. Everything in its time Brad! For now its time to show us all the beautiful flowers that you have already taken photos of, and when your new burst of energy decides to arrive, and you feel like going on an outside adventure again then we can all look forward to a fresh back of experiences to share with you either through your photos or your writing.
    Personally I haven’t been getting out that much either, we all go through these phases.

    Gorgeous photography displayed in this post, the details are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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  5. Your macro photos are exceptional, Brad! My daughter is keen on getting a macro lens for her phone. I think she mentioned she would have to change the case on her phone. Your words describe nature beautifully. We are part of a local Naturalist challenge this weekend. Thank you for sharing some of the backblog of beauty in your memory file. Take care.

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  6. I’m sorry to hear your enthusiasm has waned, Brad. I hope it returns soon! You inspired me to venture out earlier this week with my camera. I spent about an hour taking photos, not as nice as yours, but I had fun just being outside. I plan to post some of them and will credit you with the inspiration. πŸ˜€

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  7. Thanks for another inspiring post with your awesome captures!! Beautiful macros Brad!! You have a gift!! Speaking of gifts….your writing is one of them. I understand the ups and downs, but wanted to make sure you truly understand how much your writing is appreciated and the impact it has in a very good way!! Take care of yourself! Blessings!

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