More Macro Moments

More Macro Moments


moments to reflect

beautiful mini landscapes

my secret garden


Inspired by a local photographer, Kristin Jones, I’ve been doing more macro photography lately. You can explore her wonderful photography at Fine Art America. I’m grateful for my cellphone that can take decent shots, and occasionally I’m frustrated by shots that didn’t come out due to the limits of a cellphone. These images have a lot of blur and imperfections, but as I’ve written about before, I’m learning to be less of a perfectionist, accepting myself and life as they are. And maybe I’ll upgrade to a real camera for macro photography. πŸ˜‹Β 

Each of these images is like a miniature landscape and peek into the many charms of nature. They offer a menagerie of color, texture, light, shadow, shape, plant, and mineral. As Will (fellow blogger and singer extraordinaire) recently wrote to me, these images offer an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the beauty right in front of us.Β 


May beauty touch your heart.Β 


66 thoughts on “More Macro Moments

  1. Hi Brad, It is nice to stop and notice the little things, the macro moments. I believe it actually does make me pause and take a deeper breath. β€œMy secret garden” – I love this! And I agree whole-heartedly, β€œslow down and appreciate the beauty right in front of us.” The photos and your words did β€˜touch my heart.’ A beautiful respite.❀️

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  2. Brad,
    I’ve not heard of Macro moments until your post! Fascinating, intrigued!
    Now I have new buzzword in my ear. Between the ‘word for the year’s and this l have much to explore.
    Thank you for sharing your posts and it wonderful to see the pics as well. I love lichen and moss.


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  3. Beautiful Brad, I’m still on pause, but I so appreciate the little things in Life. And learning that we all have imperfections, it’s what makes us all unique. Sending well wishes my friend. And thank you for healing prayers, my son is slowly recovering. πŸ™πŸ’•

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  4. I want you to know that just looking at the pictures and reading your poem before reading your thoughts, my mind was going “love the beauty and uniqueness of your macro shots”. Not just these but prior ones also!! Having said that I started reading your thoughts and agree they don’t need to be perfect. You capture interesting subject matters and bring them to a whole new perspective. Love it!! Keep it up!!

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  5. I really enjoyed looking at these. I really like how you said you are working on not being too much of a perfectionist, because that is where I’m at too. Here’s to getting a camera so that you can share more of these amazing photographs with us. πŸ™‚

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  6. I love macro photography, and in my humble opinion, you have an eye for capturing the “a menagerie of color, texture, light, shadow, shape, plant, and mineral.” You recognize and bring out the beauty in the fine details. Someday, invest in that camera. If this is what you accomplish with a cell phone…
    Lovely post, my friend.

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  7. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and images. πŸ™‚ is that, nothing more nothing less, just the way nature is! Yesterday night, I was appreciating the sky and I started thinking how Big is the world we live. 🌍

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