Backyard Beauty

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Backyard Beauty

I’ve recently returned from my trip east to visit family and help mom get her yard in shape. I love tending the gardens for her as a way to ground myself, find beauty, and restore her gardens for mom and others to enjoy. I inherited my love of flowers, gardens, and nature from mom and am so grateful that I can continue to tend her gardens. I know they bring her much joy and satisfaction.

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The overall visit was a good one filled with a nice mix of work, visiting, cooking, and getting mom out of the house. She thanked me profusely while I explained that I benefit too by feeling useful and grounding myself in nature’s beauty.

Her health has been on a slow slide for years now, but somehow she manages to keep pushing through the pain, lack of sleep, and various challenges to remain in her home. Thankfully, my brother has moved closer and has stepped up to be more available and helpful. Maybe mom will get her wish to stay in her home. Or maybe I’ll take the plunge and move back to the DC area, finding a creative way to live and survive the booming real estate market.

backyard beauty

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these photos of her yard.Β 

May beauty touch your soul.

blessings, Brad


75 thoughts on “Backyard Beauty

  1. What a lovely yard. Beautiful trees. How nice you are able to help out your mom. Do you have those violets that bloom in winter? Would be great to have some flower pots or hanging baskets. I don’t have a yard, unfortunately, but I fill my tiny balcony with petunias, violets, hanging baskets so it’s a miniature paradise ☺

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  2. Sounds like you had a good visit with your Mother and I am quite sure she loved it and really appreiciated your doing the garden work. The only regret I have about my Mother who died aged 94 four years ago is that she did have to move into a nursing home. Fortunately it was a very good one and the gardens were beautiful….Gardening having been her real love in l life. We do the best we can given the circumstances that prevail. Janet :)X

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  3. love the garden brad and love that you had a balancing trip ❀ sounds like it was very enriching on many levels. it will be interesting to see where you are guided. i hope your mom is able to stay where she is as it sounds very supportive for her, but i'm sure the highest good will reveal itself all around. love you!

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  4. Your mom must have loved your visit, Brad. Having her garden cleaned up is probably a joy, but I’ll bet she simply enjoyed having you there. Our approach to our elderly parents is so important. When we’re there with love, simply enjoying ourselves, I know they can feel it. What a lovely gift. ❀

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  5. I’ve missed being here, Brad! So nice to visit your site and see you’ve returned from you trip. I think the last I was here you were on your way over. Her garden looks lovely, and I’m sure she loved your company! You are a nice fellow to have around, and especially so for your mum, I’m sure! I’m not from England but I’ve taken to saying β€œmum” lately. Looking forward to catching up on more of your posts! I always feel a nice, warm peace when I visit. I hope you have a lot of beauty in your day, too!

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  6. I hope you share more photos and reflections about your recent visit with your mom. I loved seeing the peaceful garden areas β€” complete with stone hearts β€” and learning a little bit about your family.

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  7. Wonderful you were able to help your Mom in her garden, and a delightful space it is too Brad…. Love the Stork ..And that you visit when you are able… Not so easy when so far apart…. But I bet its comforting to know your brother is closer at hand…
    Sending Love and well wishes Brad… and thank you for sharing beauty.. ❀

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  8. A beautiful yard Brad, I know how great it feels to help keep your mums garden going! My mum too keeps herself going at home, having to have help in the garden and home though now. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to go back this year with all the restrictions. Who knows what decisions are to be made to help them more. Lots of love Barbara x❀️

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