Summer Heatwaves

Summer Heatwaves

summer heat, poetry


heatwaves roll across the country

ripples shimmer in the air

flowers glow in golden fields

the cycles of life press onward

while we humans take cover indoors

retreating to air-conditioned spaces

weary of the heat and humidity

if one braves the heat

we’re rewarded with sweat

rivers pouring down our skin

cooling bodies and soaking clothes

heat permeates my body and soul

the chill of winter finally baked away


I actually like the heat, tending to run cold with numb extremities in winter. Summer allows me to finally bake the chill of winter from my body. Plus, I love to wear shorts and minimal clothing. I even hike and bike in the middle of the day while sane people are working or hiding at home! Sometimes the heat is oppressive, and sometimes it is comforting like a heavy blanket, wrapping me in a layer of warmth. When the heat is too much, I venture to a local lake for refreshment. Sadly, this beautiful one was not open for swimming.

summer, heat, poetry

Heatwaves have been rolling across the country with extreme events like droughts, fires, hurricanes, tornados, and even fire tornados. Thankfully, locally we only had a couple of heavy thunderstorms with winds and many hot humid summer days. I noticed that Death Valley, CA just set a record for summer temperature, hitting 130′ on 8/16/2020, the hottest since 1913!

Bake on!Β 


59 thoughts on “Summer Heatwaves

  1. It is a joy reading your poem, in a flowing way you tell us about the hot day and make us feel it all.
    We have also had an unusually hot and humid summer, too much for us Northerners who don’t
    have air conditioner. Found free standing ones.
    Properly attired, winter can be very refreshing but summer is my favourite.
    Your picture of the lake is so tempting.


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  2. That lake looks like pure heaven. It has been a hot summer for sure, even in northern Michigan. I can deal with heat for a short time, but prefer less extreme temps. Our winters are so long up here that I refuse to complain about heatwaves.πŸ™‚ May the warmth light your heart as well.

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  3. like you, brad, i enjoy the warmth and moderate temps of heat…i look forward to times of minimal clothing and sunshine penetrating my body. sweat feels healthy. too hot can be concerning like right now with the fires going, but overall i do love a permeating warmth. πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and your poetic heart.

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  4. It’s been hot here, too. We try to keep cool and dash out for short periods at a time. I’m looking forward to more temperate weather. Fortunately we are free from the fires here. Thinking about so many people who are affected, and wishing them well. I enjoyed how your poem ended. You told us how much you prefer heat in that last line!

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  5. I often wonder how people coped without air conditioning for so much of human history. Many life forms thrive in the summer. When I worked in an air conditioned office all those years, I had to wear multiple layers. Being cold indoors without being able to move around much made me irritable. It felt so good to go outside into the 90 degree air and sigh with relief if only for a few minutes. You’ve reminded me to be thankful for my freedom.

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  6. Well if you like heat waves you will be richly rewarded as climate change continues to deliver year after year annual record heat, all over the world. We have lived in tropical climates now for the past twelve years and the good news is that we have acclimatized for the most part, and while newcomers to our region go off in search of AC, we are perfectly fine and content with floor fans, ceiling fans and a dip in the ocean. Of course once one adjusts to the heat, going into cold climates presents the opposite problem. We can no longer DO winters.. anywhere.

    Lovely poem.


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    • Thanks Peta. I didn’t mean to be trite about climate change. And yes, we can acclimate to heat or cold. In fact, I’ve considered moving to Costa Rica, Mexico or Panama but need to visit and see how I like the climate, cultures, etc. Kudos for your adventurous spirits.

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  7. Hi Brad, glad to hear you are coping well with the heat! Love the picture, that lake looks absolutely divine. I have found myself changing – I used to love the summer heat, but now I am actually craving the rain all the time. My favorite season is autumn, so happy itΒ΄s just around the corner! πŸ™‚ Big hugs, bake on my friend πŸ˜‰

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  8. Wonderful that you have had some lovely weather in which to hike and enjoy… The image you took just looks a beautiful spot…
    We have had a pretty horrendous week, with storms and gales… 50mph… but thankfully today the sun is back shinning and we have some clearer skies again…
    Sending love and well wishes my friend..
    And I loved your poem… πŸ™‚ πŸ™πŸ’š

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  9. I run cold too, Brad, so I love the heat as well. My poor husband isn’t allowed to have air-conditioning. Lol. Your poem is wonderful and warmed me right up. Sadly our summer here was really short… about 10 days total above 80 degrees. I’m back in sweatshirts and lap blankets. Sigh. Though autumn is beautiful.

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  10. You and I were switched sometime after birth. Born and raised on a tropical island (though on a cold mountain) yet I cannot stand intense summer heat. It makes me sneeze and my eyes get squinty and watery and …. you get the picture. Happy gallivanting in the heat. Brad.

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  11. I suppose it’s not much different than sunbathing on the beach! Enjoying the extreme heat and then diving in a cool pool❀️ Pity the lake was closed for your swim. Inspiring poetry as always Brad, thanks for sharing your hot daysπŸ₯°

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  12. I agree with you about summer heat: “Summer allows me to finally bake the chill of winter from my body.” I am amazed by folks who hunker down inside houses with windows closed and air conditioning blasting. They miss the heat.. they miss the summer sounds of crickets and cicadas through the open windows… they miss the breezes. Thank you for your nature-loving posts!!!

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