Green Goodness

Green Goodnesspoetry, nature


looking up I felt protected

sheltered by a canopy of green

glowing with light and vitality

yet also tranquil like a still lake

soothing to my mind and soul

a moment of green goodness



72 thoughts on “Green Goodness

  1. Beautiful image and lines, dear Brad! Love the protective power of trees, we can learn so much from their amazing wisdom…you put that so wonderfully, writing about the “light and vitality” that emanates from them, as well as the protective energies…thatΒ΄s exactly how I perceive it, too, when IΒ΄m in the presence of these mighty wisdom keepers. Hugs and love!

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  2. These gentle giants who stand firm, who have witnessed passages of time, while change all around them occurs… Know how you feel… Trees, soothe our souls, as we exchange breath, They exchange energy…

    I love my forests, and my tree hugging…. Beautiful poetry Brad…. Sending huge hugs your way my friend..
    Loved your photo… πŸ™‚ Perfect…

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  3. “Green Goodness” captures my love of the forest. Isn’t it wonderful that we can’t really count the many shades of green as the light floats down through all the leaves. Happy Sunday.
    Take care,

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  4. Ahhh, I needed that. The more I read about how “alive” trees are, under the ground as much as above ground, the more I find myself talking to them, stroking them, thanking them. At first I thought your title was “Green GODDESS,” and that would have been appropriate also. Beautiful.

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  5. I am from India and i am 14
    you are a awesome writer sir. I love to read you posts at night in the peace fullness you are awesome
    hope you like my blog also.check out mine if you like

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  6. Lovely! How amazing is the simplicity! The poem comes like whispering notes and hits like a storm. I have been reading your works and they are phenomenal. I just love that little bit of optimism and zest that all of your poems are flooded with. I just realized how even four lines of well crafted poetry make such a wonderful impact. With this poem, I was specifically down that tree in the arms of the bright, benevolent sun. That is how wonderful the imagery is. Love that you care for the nature! Let’s hope she revives sooner or later. As for the rest, sending you loads of peace and greetings from Sui generis πŸ’›πŸ’›

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  7. Such a captivating poem! Your words transferred me to a dream I didn’t know I had of relaxing under a tree!
    I am a hopeful poet who just started blogging, and wrote a similar poem not a while back. Please check it out, as I would love to hear back from you. Linking the poem for your convenience!

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    • Hi Daksh and welcome to my blog. I’m delighted my words helped stir a relaxing dream for you. Sometimes our words help pierce the veils of daily life. I like your poem too and wish you the best in your blogging journey. blessings, Brad


  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! It would mean a lot if you would also follow my blog! I will try to post more, embracing your feedback and hoping that you see the improvement.

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