The Corona Blues

The Corona Blues


I’ve got the Corona Blues

shanghaied from food to sanitizing crews

each day is all work and no flow

shoppers, shoppers, everywhere I go

clean, disinfect, and spray

at Walmart stores each day

spray, wipe, and dry

never mind the chemical high

shuffle, bend, and repeat

germs and viruses we must defeat

hiding on carts, registers, handles, and glass

workers and shoppers have lost their class

hiding behind masks

we keep to our tasks

abide by the six-foot rule

or you might be corona fuel


I find myself in a weird Twilight Zone, going to work, watching people become more and more wrapped up in defeating this virus. It’s growing exponentially, feeding on our fears and information overload. Then at home, while most of my friends are posting about boredom, being at home, and the latest warnings, I’m catching my breath before going back to another day of cleaning and disinfecting. I have not been inspired to write or do much of anything except eat, sleep, and work with a few walks and photographs. Finally, last night, I was inspired to write a satirical poem about working during the corona pandemic.

May we keep our humor, sanity, and joy.ย 



95 thoughts on “The Corona Blues

  1. Brad, this was perfect. A comical look at the times we are living in.
    So, happy that you have been able to continue writing during this stress period.
    Please, make sure to keep yourself safe.
    Will feel better about your work situation, when all this is done.

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  2. Things have definitely become cartoonish. Iโ€™ve wondered if some will be a bit embarrassed by their own behavior when things calm down. I can understand how your creative energy has been low. Your work must be very draining. I admire your good attitude.

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  3. Wow lovely take on Corona, Brad and it is sure a pandemic everywhere. Taken the world by storm must say. In India we are not that bad like the rest of the world because they are very strict with all of us. Good to be helping at this time and can understand what hard work you must be doing.

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  4. A poem that will surely become a classic! Lol. Keep your humor, sanity, and joy, Brad. This is such a surreal time, but it will end. As you disinfect and wipe and dry, please look at every swipe as potentially saving a life. What you’re doing has value and is important. You’re one of the heroes that keeps us safe. Sending virtual hugs.

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      • Or there could be something caring and light! If we are wise, we will use this lesson to reconsider economic and healthcare inequities. We may take steps to care for our planet. We may be more aware of others, the value of hugs and kindness. But the keys are attitude and taking action even in small ways.
        I can’t believe I’m writing this – Ms. Gloom and Doom. Keep smiling. We’ll get through it.

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  5. I absolutely love this Brad! It is so strange what’s happening right now. 8 billion people experiencing the same health crisis worldwide. And I couldn’t imagine anything more unifying than connecting on our blogs – and sharing our vantage points. Your satire is appreciated more than you know. Stay Well my friend! I appreciate all you are doing as you leave the house each day. May (y)our blues become sunshine .. sooooon.. โค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  6. Brad,
    You may be tired but you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Good for you. Thank you for being one of the people who is keeping the world going. I hope the customers are being appreciative.
    Take care of yourself.

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  7. Awww…Brad! I’m sending all kinds of good stuff your way. I want to say thank you…because you truly are doing such an important job for all the people who come to your store. I know it must be exhausting.
    I love the poem….and as Sue said, yes! Laughter is so important!
    Love and light โค

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  8. What a FANTASTIC poem! Light and yet deep in its frustration, funny and yet satiric. I needed this! And I bet YOU needed this poetic release too. So many of us appreciate the work you do to keep customers and staff safe. You are awesome.

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  9. You’ve kept your humour and your creativity Brad! We’re all doing such different things, some of us working, some of us not, some of us still in a reasonably comfortable place and others not. It will be interesting to see where we all are when it’s over. In the meantime, stay safe and try to look after yourself.

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  10. I’m glad you wrote this poem. It needed to come out and be shared. This is a time to focus any and all of your extra time on taking care of you. Stay well, Brad. The future is full of possibilities.

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  11. Good choice of genre, Brad. Belting out some blues always makes me feel better.
    I know how hard it is to keep spirits up. I know that so many people can’t seem to understand or relate to anything that is not a reflection of their own situation. I’m glad to see that you are trying to keep your sense of humor despite everything. Hugs on the wing.

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  12. Writing a song or poem is a great stress reliever, Brad. I am also working and it feels as if my work world has shrunk to be an endless round of dealing with Covid-19 and how it is impacting our clients and my firm’s audit and other work. It feels like overload and today I feel as if not working might be the better choice than this endless psychological battering. I know exactly how you feel!

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    • Thank you Indah. I’m doing pretty well. In part by limiting my work to 4 days a week and minimizing news about corona. They would love for me to work 6 days a week as some of my coworkers are doing.


  13. You are one of our unsung heroโ€™s Brad. And now I can add poet too. What a wonderful piece youโ€™ve written. Bravo. Well done and take good care my friend. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  14. Hi, Brad! I love this. โค In the Middle Ages during the Black Plague many artists and poets created comical works. It was a way to cope with the horrors of the day. I really enjoyed your poem. Is this a Limerick?

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  15. I am from India and i am 14
    you are a awesome writer sir. I love to read you posts at night in the peace fullness you are awesome
    hope you like my blog also.check out mine if you like

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  16. Hi! Your poetry really inspired me a lot. I’m a beginner here in word press, and I never thought that I would be able to write a poem. But finally I did it, I wrote my first poem on Corona virus after reading this post. It might not be as good as it is written by professionals like you, but I would really feel happy if you take a look at it.

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