Soul Spaces 116 – Sound

Soul Spaces 116 – Sound

sunset, the sounds of silence

Sunset over the river listening to the sounds of silence.

Sound can be a great tool for healing, centering, and uplifting our spirits.

I bet you’ve experienced the magic of music and sound many times, whether listening to your favorite pop artist, friend, choir, or sacred music. Even the scientists are getting into the music game! They’re researching and demonstrating how music can impact our mind, body, and health. Music therapy is a growing field of using sound and music to aid in the healing of patients. This Get Healthy article highlights 10 Benefits of Music like relieving stress, improving memory, and reducing pain.

Recently I’ve discovered the music of Mei-lan Maurits. Her music videos shine with love and soul. I listen to them as a tool for centering in my heart and being. They remind me to create sacred spaces in my life. Time to rest in well-being, the ultimate truth of our existence. I imagine they would be good for meditating too, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Here is one video I’ve been enjoying.

Do you have certain music that uplifts your spirit and energy?

Sometimes it’s pop music that I grew up with like the Beatles and Beach Boys. Other times, it’s music like Mei-lan’s to remind me to come back home to my center.

May you make time for your soul this week, maybe with some special music or simply the sounds of silence.

Peace out, Brad


76 thoughts on “Soul Spaces 116 – Sound

  1. With all the uplifting posts you’ve shared, why have you not written a book? Start by assembling your posts under general headings. Then read them as a whole. Identify the key messages you want to impart. Start there. This blog is your major passion. Time to do more with it now.

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  2. Beautiful Brad, I can see why you’re drawn to Mei-lan’s music. It would be so wonderful to have a lovely voice like hers and to be able to harmonize like that. Music is so healing. I have to say that this piece you shared brings out a bit of melancholy in me, very beautiful though. Like you, I enjoy many different types of music depending on my mood. πŸ™‚ I usually have this playing in the background at home…

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  3. Music is great while working out or driving in traffic. It energizes you or makes life less boring when doing household chores for instance. However, when I’m doing important stuff with work or studying – I can’t seem to concentrate when a song is playing on the background. Oh, and I love Enya, Beatles, Bon Jovi, and Country music (when I’m driving on empty roads)

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  4. So gorgeous, Brad. I listened to the whole thing. I think all creatures are naturally musical. Our heartbeats attune us to rhythms right from the start. Most of us make sounds. That’s the start of it all. I could definitely meditate to this. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Music today has become very important in our lives for people who are having problems in their life and it is so soothing and one feels energized listening to serene and quiet music. The video was awesome, Brad. I too love listening to soothing music that uplifts our senses. Thanks.

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  6. Hi Brad, beautiful post – love that you write about the healing power of music here, and what a great piece of music and almost other-wordly-beautiful singing you have shared here! I am currently listening to it and thoroughly enjoying it. Regarding your question, I love listening to mantras and chants such as this one to enhance peace and ease. I also love all kinds of world music by Putumayo, really fun. I love too many different types of music to list all, really:) Hugs and enjoy your day!

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  7. Oh, Brad. This music is gorgeous! Like Diana said, I’m saving it to meditate to (and I’ve shared the link with some friends). Music hits me right in the center of my soul. The older I get, the more it affects me. If I hear some beautiful tune, usually classical, I begin crying (joyfully, but it can be a bit embarrassing, depending on where I am). Ode to Joy? Cry me a river…. ❀

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  8. I thought I wrote a little note here, but maybe only in my mind! I have been over the years enjoying drumming, drum circles, and shamanic sound journeys (Crystal bowls, Gongs, Didgeridoo) with one of my “tribes.” Also, when I do the solstice walks through the labyrinth at my local mystery school, we walk through to the tune of the crystal bowls. Sound healing is wonderfully therapeutic. One day I’d like to get a set of tuning forks to work on my patients/clients. I used to play guitar, and I still do on occasion. Today my daughter started strumming the ukulele for the first time! So – maybe that’s why I am commenting today on your musical article. πŸ™‚ Synchronicity, Harmony…
    Thank you so much for sharing this, Brad… Gonna have a listen while I work on my day’s entry of my gratitude journal.

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  9. Just beautiful music share Brad… thank you for your introduction to her music.. Singing bowls so healing. as is her voice..
    Like you Music plays a huge roll in my life.. along with my drumming, and listening to meditation music, even today I listened while painting to some special soulful music.. Its vibration, we are vibration and it affects our frequencies and moods..
    Sending love and well wishes Brad.. I hope your weekend has also been as peaceful, as I send thoughts for a calm and peaceful week ahead.. ❀

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  10. Wonderful, beautiful, seem like understatements in describing this music. I often find myself harmonizing or humming spontaneously. I think we have similar taste in music including the 70s tunes. I also like Celtic and Taize which is like chanting prayers developed in a monastery in Taize, France. I’m very grateful that you’ve introduced us to Mei-lan.

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  11. What a beautiful post Brad. Mei-lan’s music is so soothing and feels like something I could easily meditate to. I can’t imagine music not being part of my life. It picks me up when I’m down, energises me and grounds me when I need it. Hugs xx

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  12. I do. Certain artists would include Imogen Heap , Florence and the machine, electronic music artists like clams casino abd deadmau5. Natural sounds that set my calm mood are crickets, katydids, bees, chimes, rain and brooks

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  13. I LOVE Mei-Lan Maurits! There are songs that I listen to that are instantly uplifting, but I listen to Mei-Lan every single morning as part of my morning spiritual routine. I fully believe in sound therapy. When I was no longer reacting to my favorite songs with any sort of emotion a couple of years ago, that’s when I knew something was wrong and needed to take action.

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  14. love, love, love brad! music and sound are my go-to’s and mei-lan’s voice, love, and vibrations are exquisite. i haven’t been doing my sound healing for a little while, but this resonates so much with the kind of sound channeling i love to do too. and with my bowls as well. i find moving sound through our own vehicles – throat/body – is one of the most empowering things for moving energy through. i love this brad. we have so many similar loves. i sure hope we get to meet in person some time ❀

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