Blessings for a New Year

Blessings for a New Yearblessings, new year,


Thank you for sharing the journey with me. I finally am feeling a few rays of hope, trust, and courage to act. Maybe this will be the new I re-emerge from my shell to see the world with fresh eyes.

As I look back on the past year, what I’m most proud of and grateful for is this blog and loving community. Your support, encouragement, and feedback have lifted me up in some of my darkest times. You help remind me of what really matters; that we love and care for each other.

Thank you!

Here is a fun poem I wrote a few years ago called Ode to the New Year. This poem needs a little love. If you’re inspired, please visit, like, and share. πŸ‘€

May this be the year we come together as one human family to love and care for each other and the planet.

Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰ πŸ’ πŸŽ†

Blessings, Brad


51 thoughts on “Blessings for a New Year

  1. i love your poem from years back! so fitting for now and every day truly. it warms my heart to hear that hope is blossoming in your world and heart and that you are feeling the rays of strength and faith to help guide you. yay! thank you for sharing your beautiful intention that i hold with you. here’s to a year of tenderness and connection in the highest of ways ❀ happy 2020 sweet friend. you are loved! ❀

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  2. Thank YOU Brad for being you my friend.. and for always being one of the first to visit any new posts I publish.. This is a two way streak and if it were not for such people as your good self I would perhaps have given up my blog long ago..
    Have a wonderful 2020 Brad.. May you go from strength to strength in confidence as you break open that shell to reveal to the world the wonderful Light you are..
    Your wishes for the world are also mine, May this year bring ALL of humanity closer together in both kindness and love..
    Happy New Year Brad ❀

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  3. I know it’s been a tough year for you, my friend, and I’m glad the light is shining on this new day. I wish you all the blessings you can gather on your journey. Have a wonderful 2020 of good health, happiness, peace, and adventure. ❀

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  4. I know you WILL have a wonderful new year Brad!!!! When one works hard for change they will be rewarded….Wishing you all the best. Great poem by the way….I’m glad this blog has helped usher in the new you! Keep it going πŸ™‚ Take care and keep digging!!! VK

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  5. I’m so happy to see your very positive post, Brad. It was a hugely difficult year for me too. I couldn’t agree more about what a wonderful community we have here. Wishing you every happiness, every blessing in this new decade. Hugs on the wing.

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  6. Such a pleasure to find a kindred spirit β€” and then an entire web of kindred spirits who are connected to each other via WordPress! Your poem sums up so much of what is out of balance on our planet β€” still such an emphasis on fame and power as entire ecosystems (which make life possible for us human beings!) β€” are shredded on a daily basis. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. May this year find all of us treading ever more lightly and respectfully on planet earth β€” mindful of each and every drop of fossil fuel we consume (even the fossil fuels which may be generating the electricity which allows me to type this comment…)

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  7. I loved your poem Brad, it’s so true that what matters is the love and kindness we scatter. A very belated but sincere happy new year to you my friend. Happy to hear that you feel that ray of hope. May it burst into a full blown sun this year. Love and hugs from me down under. xx

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