The Touch of Grace

The Touch of Grace


a cool breeze blows

tickling my face and hands

the wind a gentle caress

like the touch of a lover

she soothes my body

softening the rough edges

a moment of stillness

brings peace and gratitude

thank you sweet grace


Since I haven’t been out hiking much lately, I found this image from a few winters past. While autumn shines brightly outside my window, I take a moment to appreciate the life within as well as beautiful moments like when I photographed this sunset over the White River.

After a busy week where I worked for almost 54 hours, I’m enjoying a mellow day. Even though it’s a beautiful autumn day outside, I’ve spent most of the day indoors, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and catching up on my home time. I’ve noticed more and more that I prefer to be home, alone, and in peace and quiet. Maybe I missed my calling to be a monk! I do know pushing myself to do extroverted oriented sales outreach each week wears me out. So when I have time off, I enjoy resting my mind, body, and soul. Sometimes that looks like a hike or bike ride, sometimes it looks like reading a book. And other times like today, it’s a day of nesting at home.

May you take the time to nurture your mind, body, and soul this week, however that looks.Β 

Peace out, Brad


54 thoughts on “The Touch of Grace

  1. Beautiful poem and beautiful picture. Sounds like recharging your battery in a healthy way. Just my opinion, but I think even extroverts need some quiet time for recharging to stay healthy (mentally and physically). I’m a firm believer in everyone finding that peace doing what you love to on a consistent basis. Follow your gut….it’s a good thing!!

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  2. I love being a homebody! The world is too insane right now to venture out anyway. The war must end first before I will try to find a place in society again…Glad you are finding peace there Brad…Do what YOU want to do and be grateful for that opportunity…Don’t work too hard. Remember, it’s not what Creator had in mind for us. I believe he wanted us to be free to enjoy the beauty he has created. Great words you wrote! VK πŸ™‚

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  3. The peace and gratitude in your poem reached me beautifully. I too dream of the monk’s life and then realize my own gifts of time when I can have a ‘cave’ in my home, and days when I simply follow my heart and soul of just being with gratitude – perhaps there is compassion here that that’s all I can handle in this life time and not the real cave πŸ™‚ Wish you more such times of joy and peace!

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  4. Lovely write, Brad. I’m an introvert, so I need nesting time too, especially after a people-oriented week. I enjoy picturing you relishing your solitude and replenishing your inner well of peace. Enjoy the rest of this amazing season. πŸ™‚

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  5. Brad, beautiful wistful Writing that conveys a much needed harmony and tranquility. πŸ˜€ Yikes, 54 hours of sales would exhaust anyone and your spirit needs this total rest and relaxation. Pottering at home is a great healer … enjoy and return rejuvenated to work. Any chance of a few less hours?

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    • Thank you for understanding the many layers of this post and poem Annika. My puttering around the home was the perfect recharger and yes, I normally work about 38 hours. Last week was a special event thankfully not to be repeated. I’m glad you enjoy my words and photo. May peace prevail….

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  6. Nothing like a little Grace to appreciate what nature has to offer ~ and something even as delicate as a light breeze can bring a fire of emotions. Great poetry does the same, and you nailed it. I hope the good weather continued into your weekend ~ capture those fine days before the chills come in πŸ™‚ Take care, Brad, and enjoy the week ahead.

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  7. 54 hours. Wow. No WONDER you need some peace and quiet. I need peace and quiet after 25 hours of work. Haha. It’s enough to live off of, but there are days when I think, Hmm…I should be a computer coder or something. I could probably work 10 hours a week and make a living at it. Then more time for solitude, contemplation and all the things I love to do. haha. (Actually, computer coding sounds rather awful. Haha.)
    It sounds like while your job keeps you busy, it is going well. Sending you thoughts of peace and quiet. πŸ™‚

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  8. How I loved and resonated with this post Brad! The word grace drew me to read it, because I love that word, powerful and gentle all at once. Such a beautiful photo, and I laughed….sometimes I think I missed my calling to be a nun! I just love gentle, simple, quiet time alone at home, nesting, bringing order and beauty to my environment with care and attention…chop wood, carry water as the phrase goes. This was a beautiful way to start my day – thanks for sharing! Blessings, Harula xx

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