Soul Spaces 114 – My Secret Garden

Soul Spaces 114 – My Secret Garden

Secret Garden


a quiet whisper

from past to present

roses long faded

memories alive with the

scents, sounds, and sights

flowers buzzing with activity

birds nesting in branches

trees reaching for the sky

all planted with great care

the bond remains rooted

despite the pain of loss

they beckon to my heart

with the scent of love


Nature and flowers, in particular, are my not so secret garden. They call me with their beauty, their scents, their aliveness. My soul yearns for them. I especially miss my roses and assorted flowers that I planted in the yard of my house that I sold 4 years ago. This was only the second home that I have owned and the first where I planted extensive gardens, flowers, bushes, and even trees. I designed, planned, and worked tirelessly to plant and maintain those gardens.

Similar to the ee cummings poem I Carry Your Heart With Me, I carry them in my heart. I continue to treasure them and miss them. Having invested so much in their creation has connected them to my heart and soul.

Thank you secret garden. May you continue to thrive in my heart.


63 thoughts on “Soul Spaces 114 – My Secret Garden

  1. So beautiful, Brad! Wow…and such a wonderful connection. If you visit my blog you will see that we both posted photos of a beautiful pink rose!
    I know you miss your home and gardens…but I love that you have a secret garden that is available whenever you want to “visit.”
    Sweet blessings to you, my friend. I hope that life and the turning into autumn finds you full of peace and love ❀

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  2. i love the relationship you have with your flower friends. having that special bond within your heart keeps the love eternal and is inspiration to the soul. although you’ll always have that connection and feeling, i hope one day you will be surrounded once again with a garden – however that manifests.

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  3. I know how it is to be totally absorbed by the beauty of our sensual gardens… that become part of us. You can know they continue to bloom and dazzle the eyes of fellow man… AND will continue to show themselves to you in new ways as you move forward… letting go of all.❀️ Beautiful poetry Brad x, much love barbara

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  4. Loved your poem Brad, but loved that you planned and planted your garden.. I feel the loss of your garden roses. We put our heart and soul into our gardens.. and to nurture it tend it and watch over it, water and weed it and enjoy the beauty it brings I totally am in tune with your thoughts here..
    And I often get lost in my own garden too Brad..
    I hope dear friend you will one day plant a garden again and relax among its beauty.. Sending special thoughts your way my friend 🌸🌻🌹🧑

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  5. Beautiful Rose and poem, Brad. I can feel the scents, hear the sound, feel the joy of the beauty.
    I am sure yu will plant another garden and add to the gardens you carry within.

    I have also found that leaving a garden is so much harder than a house. You create in both but the garden lives it’s own life in harmony with you.


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  6. Your poem is lovely as always. You’re lucky to have a green thumb even if you no longer have a garden now. I’m sure you’ll have a new one in the future. Every plant I owned died – so it’s obviously not my thing. I do admire flowers in a beautiful garden…😊

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    • Thank you Drew. It does seem like we share that love, peace, and inspiration from nature. I bet the ocean would call to me too if I visited more often. Actually we went to the beach every summer growing up and I miss it living in the middle of the country now.


  7. We have a similar connection to plants….I find peace in my garden and start and finish my day out there. Love plants and especially roses, My wife and I have had rose bushes in every home we have lived in (planted my me), except Arizona….too hot!

    I feel blessed that I live in a place where I can have my morning coffee, prayer and mediation out doors year around. Been doing that faithfully since I retired and that enriches my daily experience of life!

    Beautiful post, Brad! my best to you…have a great week!

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