Hasta La Vista Baby

Hasta La Vista Baby

Mom’s house.

I’m going to visit my family back east.

It’s been a year since I last saw them. My annual trek is a time to go down memory lane, visit family and McLean, VA, the area I grew up. It’s amazing how much changes each year with more growth and development. What was once a sleepy suburb bordered by farms is now next door to Tyson’s Corner, the densest area in the sprawling DC metropolitan mess. And don’t get me started on the expense and traffic. DC is one of the most expensive and gridlocked cities in the country. I’m glad I moved away and wonder how in the world I could afford to move back if needed to help with my mother. I’m excited to see them and get reacquainted with my brother’s kids. But mostly, these trips are about helping my mother. As she ages, she has a harder time keeping up with the house and yard so my goal is to see how much I can get down for her while I’m there.

I’ll be away a couple of weeks and taking a break from blogging. In fact, for the first time, I won’t be bringing my computer so it will be a partial digital holiday too. I’ll still have my phone and probably visit a few blogs and social media. but I plan to give myself a break and won’t post anything until June when I return.

I’m both excited and nervous to see my mom in person knowing she’s had a hard year healthwise. She sounds more beaten down by life and her health, but I believe she’s still the strong-willed person I know. The issues of aging are challenging, especially being a long distance from my family. Hopefully, we’ll have some heart to heart talks and see what options are available. So far, my mom has been determined to stay in her house despite her age and health.

Until we meet again!


74 thoughts on “Hasta La Vista Baby

  1. Hard to press like, Brad, as I know how hard this time is for you. I just felt I had to tell you…you said your mom is strong-willed…my mom was also…and she remained that way until she took her last breath! Sometimes it was a good thing and other times it was an OMG…REALLY? thing. But in the end she died the way she lived and I wish I had been more aware of that.
    You are a good son, Brad. I don’t know what the ‘right’ thing is for your family, but it seems to me that every family has one person that gets delegated to be the caretaker. If, indeed, that is you…know that I am always here for you. I may not have all the answers but I bet I already went through everything and so I can listen and try to help.

    Another thing…as strong-willed as she may be…there will be times (and you have to tread a thin line) when you will need to override her ideas and take charge. This was one of the toughest parts of the job…when the roles had to be reversed and you become the parent. Find a way to do it without your mom losing her dignity and you are half the way there!!!

    Much love an light! ❀

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  2. i love the feel of her house brad…so quaint and inviting. i’m glad you are going to visit your family, spend quality time with them, and get away from things for a while. i’m sure they are looking forward to having you there. every moment is precious and this time you will have with your mom i know will be a bright light in her heart. i hope you that your talks may lead to the greatest support and peace of mind for all. as strong willed as she is, underneath love is the bridge. have a beautiful time brad. will miss you and be thinking of you! ❀ warm hugs for your journey

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  3. I wish you and your mom a beautiful time together during your visit. It is such a great joy
    for a mother to have a loving son or daughter. It is more healing than many medications.
    I am sure you will even enjoy the chores when you see her pride as the home looks great
    I do understand her positive willpower and wish to stay in her home.

    All my best


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  4. I understand why your mom wants to stay in her house. My dad was the same way. He knew the day might come when he had to move, but he had his way in the end. It was hard not to be there for him as much as I wanted to. I hope you and your mom find a way for her to have more support and that you have many good moments together during your visit. Enjoy your digital holiday!

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  5. Dear Brad – I hope your visit turns out the way you wanted and that you can help your mom they way you want. My dad stayed in his house until the day he passed away at almost 94, but it was possible only with some loving support from an old friend who is much younger. As you may remember we lived in the MD suburbs for almost 17 years and I could not even imagine moving back there although a bulk of my friends still live there – I love to visit.

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  6. I’ll miss your blogs and your thoughts and inspirations. But good on you for taking this trip. I was recently near D.C. (my brother lives in MD) and oh. the. traffic. Good luck!


  7. Hi Brad!

    Just checking in on you to see how you are doing…and to wish you a giant Happy Birthday!!

    I sincerely hope things are going well…and wish you many blessings today…and the year ahead!


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  8. I feel for you and your mother Brad, because I’ve been there with both my parents long time ago now. It’s the hardest thing to face in life. Ageing, whether it’s our own life or our family and friends is never going to be easy. Time seems to erase a lot of stresses experienced, I’m thankfully left with some very good memories and cherished moments with my mum and dad, despite the great distress at the time.

    I wish you and your family all the best things in life, and hopefully the finding of ways to make difficult situations less uncomfortable. I can feel my own mind having trouble adjusting to ageing (nine years and I’ll be 60) it’s hard to get my head around… it’s hard for anyone to adjust. I think we should have enormous respect and concern for anyone elderly, they are facing a colossal change. May you and your family have much peace.

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