Damn the Butterflies

Damn the Butterflies

Damn the butterflies, make magic instead!


I aspire to write like Brooke and Tanya when I grow up!

Brooke wrote her heart in response to some requests from readers and then seemed to apologize for it not being happy with butterflies as requested. Brooke’s piece moved me in ways I can’t even put in words. My mind and body got still and sharp. My focus became one with her words and the moment. I was moved by the honesty, raw and vulnerable, of her words. As Tanya wrote in her comments about the post, “Then I will see if I, too, can turn the horror of the experience into something magical like you did.” Tanya went on to say “Fuck butterflies, everyone knows they are beautiful. No offense to butterflies… but I want you to tell me something I don’t know.”


At the core, this is what I think we want to do with our words as writers; to move people, to take them to new places, new insights, new feelings, and new perspectives. Personally, I’m getting tired of writing the same old feel-good poems about nature and love. Maybe it’s time for me to damn the butterflies, and write something new, original, and hopefully, half as moving as Brooke’s words. Tanya’s comments were a wake-up call to the reality that I’m tired of reading (and writing) my poetry and posts, filled with regurgitated words of wisdom and love. Maybe that’s why I’ve enjoyed writing short stories lately. They help me create something totally new and original, from my mind, heart, and imagination. I want to feel the juice, alive with feeling and authenticity. And just maybe, then I will inspire you to do something authentic in your life.

Here is Brooke’s post called This Time it Was the Apple. As her blog name suggests, Brooke aspires to create magic in her life. She certainly did with these words. I hope they move you too.

Damn the butterflies and full speed ahead!  🙂


37 thoughts on “Damn the Butterflies

  1. You need to write what your heart compels you to write.
    Your poetry is always beautiful, but if you’re not feeling it, short stories will recharge the creative muse inside of you. At the point it will be easier for you to write poetry that you will feel is fresh. Then, you can shift from one to another.

    By the way, doesn’t matter what you post, I will read.

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  2. I interpret what Brooke said to mean that the best poems are written in passion and that passion is conveyed to the reader in the poet’s words. It doesn’t mean that butterflies are lovely to write about but, agreed, they may not inspire great passion depending on how you write about them.

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    • Thanks Robbie. I aspire to find passion and joy in my writing again. The topic is less important than what it evokes in me and the reader. And really we can’t control others, so I really aspire to find juice in my own writing.

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  3. it’s such a gift when worlds collide and ignite something deep within. so wonderful to hear the passion of that moment when it happened for you in reading brooke’s piece and tanya’s comments. i look forward to whatever you feel inspired to write brad. your excitement excited me! 🙂

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  4. A great read and so much truth in what Brooke has to say, Brad. You must write with passion what you want to whether good or bad and go all out for it and I agree with your words sometimes we do not want to write the good stuff it is completely k go where you wish to.

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  5. You write the words of a passion-filled writer who always looks further into his need to fulfill that passion with honesty, truth, and the core of his soul. However those words come out for you, Brad, I’m with you. As long as we write from our insides, out, we are writing well (be it butterflies or battlefields….)

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  6. Ah, yes. The temptation to be saccharine and “safe.” I ran into a fellow writer the other day and she said she was having a “vulnerability hangover.” The fine line we all try to walk . . .

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  7. This is wonderful and insightful, Brad. I agree. There are beautiful poems about nature and love, but there needs to be something different, new, insightful about them to elevate them to the sublime level. Writing to move a reader’s heart, to inspire, to wake them up, to make them cry, remember, sigh, gasp… well that’s writing. I love Tanya’s request – tell me something I don’t know.

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  8. We all need a change sometimes and to do what feels right at the time. I was on a writing course once and the tutor asked me ‘which bits did you really enjoy writing’ – that made me question the story I was writing and made it click which type of writing I really enjoyed. I look forward to seeing where the journey takes you…

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