Tulip Parade

Tulip Parade


bright petals glowing

a carousel of colors

tulips on parade


The tulips are in full bloom around town. They’re a favorite for home and public gardens due to their brilliant colors and early blooms. Our downtown streets and square are filled with a parade of bright tulip blossoms announcing the arrival of spring. My heart is happy.

Wishing you a happy spring!


26 thoughts on “Tulip Parade

  1. Love the tulips, Brad! I am also enjoying the fruits of planting bulbs 20 years ago…again…don’t always get to see them. The flowering cherry tree makes it look like it is snowing outside!
    Sweet blessings for Easter weekend! ❤

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    • That is wonderful to know you’ve helped create a lasting beauty in the world. I miss my gardens, and find some solace that the trees are thriving. They’ve changed much of the smaller bushes and beds. Easter blessings Lorrie. ❤

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  2. Wonderful Brad.. I love tulips and had planted some special ones this year in tubs for my garden.. I am so pleased I went outside the other day and took a photo of them before the gales hit the UK, … Now they are looking more ragged..
    Loved your picture and muse..

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