Is Might Right?

Is Might Right?


vile and vitriol are flowing

poisoning the masses

scoundrels with orange hair

warmongers wearing suits

the lines between parties are fuzzy

clouding who is good and who is evil


Meanwhile, the real issues are buried beneath endless bickering, distraction, politics, and shenanigans.

military budget

War has long been the priority in America with 54% of the US budget in 2018 going to military-related expenses. The US has been at war for 222 of 239 years since our founding in 1776!

The media has largely forgotten Standing Rock even with new oil spills in the area. And more recently, another spill occurred on Nov. 16,2017, dumping 200,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota.

And back to our main business, the US is militarily involved in 80 countries around the world including 40 with bases, 26 with military exercises, 14 have active combat, and 7 nations being bombed. This info comes from the Smithsonian organization, not some crank group.

As I wrote about recently and keep reading, we’re probably at a tipping point for the environment and have moved beyond climate change to climate breakdown. Even if we meet the Paris climate accords, many scientists believe climate change may be irreversible. While this article outlines some possible solutions and new ways of addressing climate change.

The world’s wealth continues to be concentrated by the elite. The top 1% now control over half of the world’s wealth (50.1 percent of the world’s wealth, up from 45.5 percent in 2001.)

And about 90% of our media was controlled by 6 companies in 2017, but this keeps changing as companies buy and sell media assets. The key takeaway is that our media is largely controlled by a few companies.


The point of this long rambling post is that the material world is increasingly controlled by a few people and organizations for the benefit of the world’s elite. This world was built on fear using power and control. It seems to benefit those who fight for what they want, but this world is also starting to fall apart. Besides the climate, there is increasing instability of countries, people, economies, and social structures.

Progressive thinking suggests that these structures based on unchecked masculine power are falling apart. The next era is about bringing more divine feminine into the world to balance out the masculine, creating more personal freedom, empowerment, and responsibility. Our hope lies in taking action based on new visions and values. It’s up to us to dream, act, and create a better world based on love, cooperation, sharing, caring, and interconnection. For more ideas on creating a new world based on love, cooperation, and sharing, you can read this post called Calling All Freedom Riders.

How about we start listening to and helping each other instead of fighting each other?

To peace, love, and cooperation…


33 thoughts on “Is Might Right?

  1. Brad, I find your post most enlightening and caring in spite of the disturbing facts
    you highlight. I am also very taken with the video and the message given so clearly
    by the female speaker. How calm and true it all rings.
    It would be incredible if we could at least start the walk that way, as has been stated,
    most people want this change.


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  2. Brilliant post, both of them brilliant posts. We have created a world, a society, build exactly like the cartoon at the beginning of that video, and most folks I know spend half their time defending that hierarchy. Those folks holding up the lower portion – holding up all of those above them – are “lazy.” Each level above “worked hard” for what they have, ostensibly meaning that the king at the top worked hardest. We know that’s bullshit. Even those who espouse that misbegotten belief will admit, in quieter moments, that it is not true. But everyone, on every side of the political spectrum is always afraid to upset the machine. We can see what would happen in that metaphor if those holding up the bottom level simply stopped doing so. In the simplest terms the whole thing would crumble. At the very least it would interrupt a good dinner.

    Change must come. Our world and our societies are not sustainable like this. And the world to come will make it even more difficult to feed and clothe the working class, when jobs and warfare become the province of machines and not men. Harari fears the bottom rung will no longer be the lower class but the “useless” class. Will the rich and powerful feed them when they no longer need them at all?

    The voices we hear in the freshman class in Washington are the ones that we must now heed. When AOC rants about injustice and inequality, while the entrenched and rich leaders in the other seats guffaw, we must say amen. And then do what we must, whatever we can, to ensure that the structure of society is not upheld by the poor to lift the rich but by a foundation that lifts us all.

    Again, brilliant. Thank you, my friend.

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    • Thank you for caring so deeply Tom. Clearly, you’ve spent time on this topic. We must all find ways to help break down the old system and build a better one that empowers us all and shares the planet’s resources. I’m grateful for people like AOC, Greta in Europe, Charles Eisenstein, and many others who are helping to show us a better way.

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  3. Thanks for that great post, Brad.
    Although those numbers referring military expenses and actions are shocking,
    your last paragraph is therefore just as uplifting.

    ItΒ΄s all true and I wish from the heart that this time will come. And IΒ΄m convinced it will.
    More and more people are leaving their comfortzone to bring that change into our world.
    Thanks to you and many other people who contribute inspiration to create a better place.


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  4. I just pray hard that peace comes to fruition soon and world joy abounds…Hope I get to see it because I’m real tired of the way things are today! Time to redesign ourselves. Great words Brad…VK πŸ™‚

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  5. This is a really good post. The news of oil spills in Dakota is terrible. I’m off to visit some of your links now. I’m particularly interested in the one about climate change .

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  6. Such an excellent post and thoughts here Brad.. Yes this world of ours is disintegrating,falling apart as the people wake up to the lies, and see the power games of control. People are waking up, and the divine feminine is coming to the fore, showing more tolerance, love and compassion.
    The Old paradigms are breaking apart, and as they do we are seeing governments crumble.. More will be on the horizon, as those ‘War Lords’ make a final stand to create more mayhem and destruction. Venezuela comes to mind.. Yet our attention is being taken else where..
    Nature lives in Co-operation, not Competition, it is time for Humans to live in Harmony not Division.

    Love and Blessings my friend an enjoyable read.. May the masses wake up to themselves and how we are manipulated to think.. πŸ™‚ ❀

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