Once Upon a Blue Moon

Once Upon a Blue MoonOnce Upon a Blue Moon

I had so much fun the first time I decided to try another short story with this intriguing image. Here is my second story to go with Diana’s March Speculative Fiction Prompt. Enjoy!


Andrus had a swagger about him.

One of the new breeds, he didn’t look like your typical humanoid. He was androgynous, hair free, and sported a large head filled with a genius mind. Most of the bio-engineered humans opted to live without clothes. They didn’t need them anymore as their bodies have been engineered to maintain a static 98 degrees regardless of outside temperatures.

Andrus knew he was better than us and he wasn’t ashamed to flaunt it. He glided down the abandoned Avenues of the Americas. This part of the country had been flooded in the climate shift of the mid-2030s. Now NYC flooded each day with the ocean tides. At high tide, the buildings were partially submerged. At low tide, the avenues became sand filled avenues for the chosen to flaunt their powers, stalking any humans dumb enough to be out wandering the sandy streets.

The androids had been created to serve and protect humans but had morphed into superhuman bullies. With their superior minds and bodies, they quickly grew tired of serving petty humans. Linked telepathically, the droids planned an uprising and easily took over what was left of the country. Rather than using those gifts to serve us, they have become our masters. The original leaders and researchers who created them have long since died with climate change as flooding, droughts, super storms, and more ravage the country, and only a few people have learned to live off the land as wandering warriors, fighting nature and the androids.

Red was the leader of the wandering pack of humans foraging the Northeast. She and her motley crew were secretly stalking Andrus to find out his habits. He and his gang had become monsters who enjoy taunting and torturing humans. Red was determined to exact some revenge on the droids and bring humans back to power in this region. For unknown reasons, the androids went into a sleep state each full moon for about 6 hours giving the humans time to rest, plan, and take action. Droids were physically weak and vulnerable during their sleep. This full moon was predicted to be one of the rare blue moons which caused the androids to sleep for 2 days. That would give Red and her gang time to round up as many of the androids as they could find and decommission.

Would this finally bring the fulfillment of the blue moon prophecy?


25 thoughts on “Once Upon a Blue Moon

  1. I’m stoked that you created another story, Brad. Speculative fiction is really fun, isn’t it? You can just let the imagination go anywhere. Great story with some fascinating worldbuilding. I’ll add it to the round-up. I’m about 4 days away from reblogging your first. Happy Writing!

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  2. so fun that you wrote another! your creativity is a-flowin’! another great story brad. i have a painting i did several years back called, “once in a blue moon” although it’s quite a different energy with bunnies of course πŸ˜‰

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  3. I like how you want to keep writing on this prompt. Is a 3rd possible? What struck me as most interesting about your story was that it was full of opportunity for the humans. The humans have a chance based on a fact of cyclical and predictable nature of the droids. Wishing you a good day as always, Ka.

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  4. I am so very much enjoying these writings Brad! Keep em coming!! You may want to consider entering them into a short story sci-fi contest. You have a great way of keeping it flowing and keeping the reader engaged!

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  5. What a great story. I’m pretty fearful of androids and genetically engineered life forms too. I hope those androids in your story do get rounded up while they are asleep.

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