Tropical Delights

Tropical Delightsbeauty, love, poetry


delicate island breezes carry your scent inland

tropical delights ignite my desires

a siren call of passion, play, and forbidden fruits

body swaying in rhythm to your island beat

my heart on fire with longing

obsession fills me with tropical dreams

longing to claim your treasures

I surrender to your charms

~desire, beaches, poetry


This post is my response to Drew’s delightful poem called Exotic Fruit. Thanks for the tropical treats Drew! I found myself captured by his words, activating my desires for romance, beaches, and more. The last time I was out of the country on an island vacation was 2000. I was in Hawaii trying to enjoy my first ever trip to our exotic island state but distracted by the stock market crash that was wiping out my savings. The photos are from a more recent trip to the beaches near Wilmington, NC from a calmer beach vacation.

The beach is calling me again. Clearly, I’m overdue for some tropical delights.Β  Β πŸ™‚


54 thoughts on “Tropical Delights

  1. I love the words…..they are so evocative of feelings that occur when visiting beautiful islands. I always remember when we lived in Pa…going to Puerto Rico every winter and getting off the plane and feeling the warmth in the air and the intoxicating perfume of the flowers. Nothing quite like it. Maybe it’s time for you to enjoy another island vacation.

    We are having an unseasonably warm and sunny February….we have broken all records and so I can actually imagine the warmth. Thank you….Janet πŸ™‚

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  2. Your poem is beautiful Brad and fills me with memories from Caribbean islands. The evocative
    scents being carried on the breeze ; body swaying in rhythm to island beat.
    Steel drums …?

    There is beauty everywhere and you caught one wonderfully.


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  3. i can feel the tropics kindling a flame within you. you captured the essence of it in your words beautifully of how it enraptures you. i hope you get to visit an island sometime soon, but for now perhaps that hope holiday can involve envisioning yourself lost on a deserted island somewhere immersed in the magick.

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  4. Lovely poem, Brad. Really felt like it captured tropical vibes and feelings very well. Made me feel like I was on an island with great company. Reminded me of my days living in tropical Singapore πŸ™‚ Amazing you went to Hawaii all those years ago, and I guess it was a trip to remember. Maybe another vacation for you at some point again πŸ™‚

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