Monsters in the Moss

Monsters in the Moss
monsters, moss, imagination


monsters in the moss

creatures lurking in the grass

silken hideaways

imagination run wild

dreams to pass the time of day


I love the variety of colors, textures, and plants in this corner of the woods. Looking at the image later, I saw what appeared to be two creatures on the left-hand side. Let me know if you see them or what creatures your imagination conjures up! And while I was writing this poem I remembered the 60’s classic song by Bobby Pickett called the Monster Mash. Enjoy!

May your week be full of creative fun! 


23 thoughts on “Monsters in the Moss

  1. I love the image and poem. I see the little creatures…and I can’t make out what they are so I am going to say that they are wood fairies…….not monsters…but fairies. I remember The Monster Mash very well….thank you for taking me back in time.
    When I was a child I used to make miniature garden in all sorts of containers….and would use moss from the woods that then surrounded our house. Maybe I should do that again this summer. Thank you Brad. janet 🙂

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  2. Ha, ha. I’m down for fairies too Janet. I often associate moss with fairies but I had monsters (friendly) on the brain! I love those miniature container gardens too. Maybe I’ll make one too. Thanks for playing along with me and the monsters. 🙂


  3. i so love this one brad!! full of fun, whimsy, and imagination! i can totally see the little creatures you pointed out and more! such a magickal little world you captures and i love the words that flowed through you. monster mash is super fun too! this post makes me giggle and feel light on a day i am a very busy bee and have tons to do! wonderful little respite from it all. thank you! ❤

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