Glowing with Gratitude

Glowing with Gratitude
gratitude, thanks, photography


radiant sunset

glowing with fire and beauty

the effects of love


After my recent post about wanting to have more trust for the new year, I received an incredible outpouring of love and support from my community here on WordPress. I don’t know why, but it still surprises me when I receive these outpourings of love from you. It seems every time that I write about my challenges from a place of honesty and vulnerability, you remind me of the beauty, abundance, and love that are already present in my life. While nothing has changed in my life circumstances, you have warmed my heart with your loving comments and reminded me that the ultimate purpose in life is to love and help one another. You have lit a fire and willingness to keep risking, sharing, and moving forward as best I can. My life may not be where I had hoped it would be, but it is full of beauty and wonder reflected back to me from nature and friends.

At the core, writers are always writing about writing, and how words look and feel to create emotions and meaning. We’re all just walking each other home. ~ Brianna Wiest

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it weren’t for you, my life would be very dull, and I might have given up writing long ago. This article by Brianna WiestΒ called Why Writers Write about Writing beautifully describes why I write. Like Brianna and many others, I write to clarify my thoughts, understand myself, share my heart, and most importantly, to help each other find our way home on this journey called life.

Thank you for your continued likes, comments, encouragement, and good vibes. I would like to hug each one of you in person.

May your year be full of beauty, love, peace, and thriving. Happy New Year!


51 thoughts on “Glowing with Gratitude

  1. Such a beautiful and positive words all full of love and abundance, Brad and I agree with your words that we r so grateful to WordPress today we can express our love and thoughts on this beautiful platform where we r loved by all. Happy New year to you and your family too and have a great year ahead. God bless

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    • Thanks for the smiles, compliments, shares, and all you do to promote other writers Robbie. You are one of the bright lights that help my journey be so much richer. I am truly grateful to know you and share the journey. Big hugs!


  2. Ah, Brad. You put so much love and hope into the world. It’s no surprise that people are quick to give you even a little bit of it back. Bless you, dear Brad, and I wish you a great new year. Thanks for your uplifting posts, including this one.

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  3. such beautiful words, reflections, and love shared here brad. what you share, i feel as well, is so true. we are here together on this journey, to uplift, inspire, love, and nurture each other. i love that you see the beauty and wonder you do have in your life. i see that too in all that you share and in your beautiful spirit that shines through. ❀

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  4. What a lovely post, Brad, and a great quote from Brianna West. I’m so glad that you receive warm and loving support here on WP. And why wouldn’t you? Your beautiful soul shines through every post. Wishing you a peaceful and joyous year. ❀

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  5. My first thought after reading your beautiful, humble post Brad was: “If only you see you, the way we see you.” Which thank goodness you are starting to. Equally, your openness and vulnerability encourages us to be more gentle with the parts of ourselves that are just like you – the parts that doubt our shine, our worthiness, our talents. Thank you Brad. You lift us up with every word. You are a change agent, by pen and camera alone. Your soul shines through. And I am the grateful one. Full of gratitude in knowing you. Happy New Year! May you thrive & shine all 2019 long. Andrea xo

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    • Thank you for your kind and touching comments Andrea. I’m beginning to see myself as you and others do. The last 7-8 years have been very hard and sapped my confidence. With the help of you and this WP community, I’m beginning to rebuild my sense of worth. I’d like to clarify my work path to do something that uses my talents and passions like you do. I’m grateful and touched that you care so deeply and see me as a change agent. Thank you and Happy New Year! ❀


  6. Honesty and caring and learning to be bravely vulnerable is what the world needs so desperately. The more vulnerable we are the more we give others courage to be vulnerable as well…We can’t tell the world how it should be we can only show it and hope it is paying attention…Keep at it Brad….Happy 2019! VK ❀

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  7. I so agree with Visionkeeper….so well stated! I also have to stop for a moment and say….wow…your sunset (or sunrise) capture is stunningly beautiful! Love the color and you framed it perfectly! I’d say you are off to a great start in 2019!!

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  8. I have found Brad, when we are honest and give of ourselves with no expectation, we are often surprised by the level of love we receive back that lifts us back up..
    Its my pleasure to be your friend and support you, as you have supported me with encouraging words Brad over the years…
    Keep writing from your heart and sharing what you love doing..
    Love and Blessings Sue

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  9. This is the first of your writings I have read. But to let you know God has you here for a reason. Learning grab and hold on tight because you are one in a million and only you can fill the space that He put you here to be.

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