Trust for the New Year

All I Want for the New Year is Trusttrust, New Year

I’ve been thinking about grace, faith, and trust a lot recently. At 60, I still don’t have much trust in myself, life, or a higher power aka God. Deep down, I don’t really trust that things work out for the best. Trust seems like foreign territory for me. Trust requires taking action and believing things will work out. In 40+ years of trying, I haven’t figured out a fulfilling career path, my heart’s desires, relationships, or a sense of purpose with my life. I share all this as background, reminding myself why I need to make some changes in my life.

Several fellow bloggers have posted about following their dreams. I’m excited for them to be following their dreams, but I’m not even sure that I have dreams anymore.

Reading my previous posts on grace like All I Want for Christmas is Grace, it becomes clear that faith is a large stumbling block in my life.ย That post on grace is as true for me today as it was in 2011. I’m still wanting to transform from a doubting Thomas into a trusting Peter. It seems that faith is required to open the doors of grace and create flow in life. Faith has been elusive in my life even though I’ve been on a spiritual quest since the late 1980s.

But rather than bemoan my lack of progress, I’ve decided to select action as my watchword and project for 2019. I know that not taking action has been a big part of why my life has gone fallow. I believe it’s time to set some goals, take action, risk failure, and learn more about what works and what I most value through trial and error. I’ve been too afraid of making mistakes, often doing nothing which perversely has turned out to be the biggest mistake of all. I also believe that by taking more action, I will build more trust in myself and abilities.

Thankfully, I’ve had some moments of faith peeking through lately and will also be working on building faith this year.

I can’t seem to pick one watchword for 2019, but trust, action, and faith all are calling me. I want to take more risk and action, while also building more trust in myself and faith in a higher good.

Maybe this will be a year of finding faith and allowing grace into my life. Paradoxically, I also want to make this a year of personal responsibility, taking more action, and creating a life of meaning. Wishing you a season of love and grace.

Happy New Year, Brad


62 thoughts on “Trust for the New Year

  1. An honest post, Brad. Unfortunately, trust has to be earned and our leaders and governments are doing everything to break down trust. According to the World Trust assessment, trust in government, the press, corporate and even NGO’s is at a world-wide low. We all hope for an improvement in the coming year.

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  2. A raw post. And as I read, I kept thinking, “oh he should read this or do that,” when in reality, I do not fill your shoes and I have not walked your path.
    And so, I humbly bow to your current path, and wish upon you that you will find what you seek and you will uncover the trust that is not present just now.
    I did think of a couple other things as I read. First, you reminded me of a CD I listened to once called, “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. He kept repeating the word, “ACTION!” Haha. You just happened to make me think of that.
    But then I also thought that your current path is as you laid out above. And to be sure, looking back you can see the scenes and life you have witnessed. What remains to be seen is your future path. Does it go in a straight line? Does it fork? Make a sharp turn? It will be interesting to see how it unfolds for you.
    That said, I’d also say that you DID take action this year. I know you tried a couple new jobs to see if they fit. And from what I gather, they did not. And that’s okay. You’re just getting closer to where it is that you’re going.
    Perhaps your path IS the one you’ve lived already. Because…well…it IS – already. The life you’ve lived, from me looking on, at the point our paths intersected, is a person of peace and goodwill. A sensitive person who is poetic and searching for truth. You share that journey with us here.
    There are a lot of us out there who don’t know exactly what we want to do. Or the exact path laid out for us. Even when we think we know, life has a way of shaking things up. Ultimately, none of us really knows, then. We just all try and do our best to make it to the next day. Or so I think. Hehe.
    Just some rambling thoughts on this Sunday morning. Almost 2019. Wow. Tempus fugit. I hope you have a good start to your week and may your path take you somewhere that makes you smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Dear Brad.. Having felt those insecurities in the past myself, I understand how easy it is to doubt oneself instead of ‘trusting’ we are doing the right thing..
    Learning to follow our instincts and TRUST in the flow of where life takes us is not an easy step. We have to often take that leap of faith and that brings you to your watch word of ACTION..
    Action so long as we do it responsibly will guide us instinctively.. For our inbuild intuition will know if it feels right to do or not..
    I follow my gut first, rather than my head.. If it Feels right, I know its right so I trust it..
    When you trust your own feelings Brad… The Sky will be the limit..

    I trust you will know what to do, and when to do it…
    Each of us arrive at our destination at our own pace, via our own routes.. And no matter how many detours we are given, we all arrive at the final destination when we are meant to get their, learning via our various lessons we set ourselves..

    Sending you much love, Happiness, and Joy in your Trusting in Action for 2019 Brad..
    Love and Blessings for our New Earth Year.
    Sue โค

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  4. Very interesting post Brad and a subject that is on my mind too.
    I wrote a poem a couple of days ago on the same subject.
    At times we first have to learn to trust ourselves, our instincts and capability.
    Trust those close to you who love you.

    Once we find that we in confidence and with intuition follow our path.


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  5. Dear Brad
    I think that you have already shown the greatest courage and the strongest confidence with this so relentlessly open contribution.
    You have more courage than many others.
    You are able to be honest with yourself, which many others can not.
    The only thing you can always trust in is yourself! Your ability to cope with everything. With everything that life serves you, even if it does not meet your dreams and desires. Life is not a “wish concert” and we always have to and can only be with what is right now.
    And now, right now, you have courage and confidence and hope and strength.
    Be proud of yourself and love you as your best friend.
    Happy New Year, Brad โค

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    • What a beautiful perspective and reminder Vera! I can only be with what is, trusting myself to keep adopting and coping as best as I can. I’m grateful to have friends like you to remind me of more loving, accepting attitudes, along with your confidence in me. Thank you for the gift of friendship and perspective. โค

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  6. I agree with Vera. You have shown a tremendous trust in yourself and in your readers to put this post out there into the universe. You are well on your way toward finding the faith in yourself and others that you are seeking, and since that Higher Power you seek lies within, well on your way toward that too. Blessings to you in this coming year my friend.

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  7. i honor your transparency, vulnerability, and courage brad. all of these are very rare and just for that you are a leader in your own right.. i applaud you for the intentions you have set and no matter how things unfold, i do believe the journey is simply that…a journey…an experience….perhaps there isn’t a destination at all and however we each live the ride, is perfect. sending warmest hugs, lots of love, and supportive energy for the intentions you have set forth for yourself.

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  8. Trust is handing power into someone else’s hands. What you want to do is have confidence and ask for that to Spirit. Spirit is energy as all other forms or deities aka God. Sometimes what we ask for is something that you did not ask for but it is the perfect thing and a thing that makes you grow spiritually. The rest of the things you brought up is in your hands. Happy New Year 2019

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  9. Agree with what the others have said. Trust is a two way street; you trust yourself, you trust yourself to trust others and then others trust in you. It takes time to find trust and then keep that trust, and from past experience, it isn’t always easy to find. Agree with Vera you have courage and confidence – for speaking out and for continuing to do what you love such as poetry, writing and photography. Good luck with finding your path in 2019. It sounds like you already got a good plan and I am sure you will learn heaps along the way ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. Dear Brad,

    Nice to hear that you have decided to select action as your watchword and project for 2019.

    We do hope you come to set some right goals by really going to try to read the Bible without the false church doctrines (like not reading or thinking “god the son” when there is written “son of god” or “Jesus”), then you shall be able to recognise many false teachings which shall demand of you to take action, and perhaps to become less popular. That also would mean you have to risk failure, or loosing popularity because putting away that by many so loved trinitarian idea.

    Let real Biblical faith calling you and let it open a totally new world.

    Happy New Year!

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  11. When I think about doubt, I think about trust. When I think about trust, I think about doubt. To me, faith overrides the thoughts, it’s a “knowing,” and it’s something our “higher selves,” more transcendent aspects of our lives can carry while our day-to-day selves can be clueless. I don’t see this as fragmentation either, just as the nature of the human condition. We are all vulnerable to the moments that bring outcomes, and we are all our own “judges” of our progress or success…because no matter how we appear out there, only we know how much we applied ourselves to our circumstances to the best possible ends and with the best possible means.

    Fortunately for you, you are an inspiring person to others, even if you don’t see it regularly, or at all. Action is a fantastic focus, and I think faith and action go hand in hand. To me, one who chooses to act with reflection is in touch with faith. One transcends oneself in the action, in the passion, in the moments…

    I wish you so much wonderfulness this year! Thank you my friend for your authenticity and from what I see, relentless pursuit for faith. A worthy way to spend one’s time, I think.

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    • This is a wonderful insightful and helpful comment Ka. Thank you. I’m still digesting the wisdom and very much appreciate knowing that you find value in my words/ blog. Authenticity is much easier for me than faith, but I will go forth with action, hopefully building more trust and faith. Thank you for the support Ka. โค

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      • I think so much is deeply embedded in how we personally relate to the words we use. Authenticity for example, for me, could be sharing what is true for us in the moment, or it could be sharing what’s true for us overtime, or, it could be: ‘being’ what is true for us, and having that come out in our actions. What is faith? Well, that’s a good question, is it the same as trust, or is it different? Thank you so much Brad… for your dearness. โค

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  12. I relate to this, and those words are beacons for me too. Trust, action and faith. Thanks, Brad.
    You and I have both been through big setbacks (of different kinds) in our lives, and both took away our confidence. I miss my old fearlessness — physical, intellectual and emotional — and often compare the me of today with the person I once knew and respected. It’s tough. It makes one reticent, afraid of risk, afraid of making mistakes.
    You need to know this, however: When I look at your blog, dear Brad, I see a thoughtful intelligence and a caring spirit. You keep giving to the world through your writing and pictures. You have uplifted many of us in dark moments. Take a bow for your contributions to a better world. and while you’re at it, be KIND to yourself.
    Trust, action, faith. Go forth, my friend.

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    • Wow Cynthia. It’s clear you are a caring soul and gifted writer. Your words touched my heart and soul. It’s a gift to be seen, heard, and understood. Thank you again for sharing the journey and very tangibly lifting me up. Yes, regaining confidence has been a heart wrenching experience. I am so grateful to share the journey with you, glad to know my essence still comes through on this blog. I gracefully receive your beautiful words of encouragement. Thank you dear Cynthia. โค May we continue to lift each other up. I will go forth with more trust, action, faith, and kindness. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  13. I love, love, love this post Brad! Your exploration seems so Self-honoring. This especially jumped out at me:

    “But rather than bemoan my lack of progress, Iโ€™ve decided to select action as my watchword and project for 2019.”

    Funny I was just reading a quote on trust and faith in a book called Spiritual Warrior. It’s sorta long, hope it’s ok to copy it here for you. See below.

    Blessings and Happy New Year, Brad.

    If you look at a road map of how to get from New York to Jasper, Canada, you’ll see just a series of markings on a piece of paper. Jasper is unknown to you. You can sit and look at that map forever, but it will never physically take you there. But once you get in your car and drive, the map becomes a reference point of what really exists. And seeing what is really there lets you know the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information on the map. After you have been over the territory and experienced it for yourself, you see how it fits together. Then you can trust the map enough to give it to someone else and say, “This can get you there.” Spiritual Warriors follow the map to its outermost edges, testing and experiencing all for themselves.So remember that what has been written here is unknown to you and you can’t trust the unknown. You can have a sort of faith in it, a sort of hope in it, a sort of belief in it, but you cannot yet trust it until you do it and it works.
    John-Roger, Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living

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  14. I can relate to what you have shared. It is easy for me to “think about” instead of take action. Without action there are no new results and therefore no learning. Each small step in any direction will provide a way to see with new eyes.
    The world needs you just as you are.
    Pay attention to what others are thanking you for. These are your gifts.

    Dream on and live big.

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  15. Action, trust and faith all seem to go hand in hand in my book. I think sometimes we just need to take those steps forward, doesnโ€™t matter how little, so long as weโ€™re doing something. Before you even know it a new trail will show itself. The rest will show itself in time. Warmest wishes to you Brad, I have a feeling that things may change for you this year and for the better.

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  16. Trust is such a biggy ! AND it is actually the only way to adorn oneself as you journey through life, observing, unfolding the layers of beliefs that hide the pure essence of loving beingness you are, always have been and always will be. Realising there is nothing to search, to do but enjoy each moment wherever you bring yourselfโค๏ธ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ’ฅ much love and knowing that youโ€™ll feel the truth of this๐Ÿ˜˜ much love x

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  17. What a beautiful post Brad. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, write this on your sizable blog and trust it will be received with love and/or compassion by your readers already requires a large amount of trust?! Inspiring!

    I think trust, action and faith all go together too. Your sentence “Trust requires taking action and believing things will work out” resonates and is very close to a mantra I used a few years ago when I was having difficulty trusting myself fully… For me the ‘believing things will work out’ part gets an edit in my brain to ‘knowing no matter the outcome, all is working out’- so then my brain doesn’t have to make the jump to believing it, I present it as a fact and that if I can’t see/feel in that moment that all is working out, then I just don’t have all the information yet…it was a helpful one for me to get my brain to catch up to where my gut was anyways! ๐Ÿ™‚

    May 2019 be the year you learn to trust in yourself and your wondrous gifts and bring you more blessings than you can possibly imagine! ๐Ÿ’š

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