Winter Reflections

Winter Reflections

winter, reflections, photography


a moment of grace

trees floating on smooth waters

winter reflections


I finally took some time to nurture myself in nature on Christmas afternoon. While most of the world was busy with family and celebration, I soaked up the beauty and peaceful vibes of nature. My body and mind were refreshed, almost like a parched desert soaking up the gift of rain. I’m grateful for the time to be with nature and nurture myself. Do you like the original image of trees reflected in the water upside down or the image above?winter, reflections

May you take time to nurture your body and soul. 


27 thoughts on “Winter Reflections

  1. so happy you spent such a beautiful, sacred and meaningful day in nature brad. the best in my opinion. ❤ i love both images…as above, so below, but for some reason i am drawn to the second one of the reflection upside down. perhaps it reminds me of the hanged man in the tarot and seeing from a different perspective.

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  2. I like both images, Brad. Both very clear and vibrant. That said I do feel the trees are floating in the first photo, and they go with your poetry so well. Sounds like you had a relaxing and peaceful Christmas and holiday. Sometimes that is just what we need – some quiet to ourselves so we can reconnect with ourselves and ready ourselves for another day or challenge tomorrow.

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  3. This post emits peace and wonder, Brad! I love the first picture a bit more. One can see it’s a reflection, but that adds to the mystery 🙂 Happy New Year, may it be filled with happiness and contentment!

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  4. I’m glad you took time to nurture in nature. We went on a Christmas morning hike and had the trail mostly to ourselves. Each photo has it’s own feel. The bottom one is easier for me to understand as a reflection, but the top one feels more normal as trees growing up.

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