Christmas Chaos

Christmas Chaos

Christmas, merriment

Image from puzzle warehouse. Wasgij Christmas 13: Turkey’s Delight


Twas the night before Christmas and chaos filled the house

Elves were chasing Santa’s mouse

Mrs. Claus was posing with a potted Dancer

Vixen was determined to ride Prancer

cups were flowing with spiked nog

creating a bit of a toy backlog

yuletide traditions were put aside

preparing for a naughty sleigh ride

with visions of mischief and merriment

Santa long past the age of retirement

this tale has gone awry

on Comet, on Cupid, it’s time to fly


This is my contribution to Chelsea Owens’ Terrible Poetry Contest: a silly twist on the Christmas classic, Twas The Night Before Christmas. Feel free to play along, naughty or nice. There is always room for more merriment. 🎅

Chelsea asks that we limit our madness to 8-9 stanzas, use rhymes, and keep it kid-friendly. Mine clearly broke the rules!  🙂 Visit Chelsea’s blog for more details about The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest and to add your contribution.

Wishing you a season of merriment! 🎄 🎅 🕯️


38 thoughts on “Christmas Chaos

  1. Ha ha! Pretty good, though I might be tempted to rate it at a PG-13 (only to protect our younger audience members, mind you!).

    Also, we are currently on week 6! If you want, I can count this as a terrible Christmas carol so you’ll meet the requirements. 😉

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