Spirals of Gratitude

Spirals of Gratitude

gratitude, Thanksgiving, poetry

Autumn sunset at Lake Fayetteville, AR.


mandalas of love

celebrating the season 

Happy Thanksgiving


Julie at Rambling from Jewels reminded me of the circular nature of gratitude, with waves coming and going. We may not be able to feel gratitude all the time, but we can feed it with mindful acts like writing, or in her case, making a beautiful mandala. Photography is my favorite way to cherish nature, which in turn helps me become mindful and grateful. Life is seldom linear in her growth. Natures loves to weave beautiful spirals, circles, and waves like the ripples in the water. 🙂gratitude, Thanksgiving

Thank you Julie. May our hearts keep spiraling upward, filling with more and more love.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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