Fall Harvest

Fall Harvestfall colors, beauty, poetry


the glory of fall

rich colors to warm the heart 

receive the harvest


I love the autumn season. The cooler weather with rich aromas from the ground and decaying leaves. The bold, beautiful colors. All of them conspire to bring us joy, reminding us of the beauty around and the wisdom in taking the time to appreciate the harvests in our lives. If our bounty is small, maybe we need to plant new seeds. My harvest and giving seem rather meager. I certainly have much to ponder this fall season, realizing the harvest I’m reaping is reflective of what I’ve been giving out in recent years. I feel called to give more, risk more, and hopefully harvest more next year.

May your harvest be full. 


20 thoughts on “Fall Harvest

  1. I so love everything about this, Brad! I think we both love Fall equally, and we are on exactly the same path forward, it seems: “I feel called to give more, risk more, and hopefully harvest more next year.”
    I’m here (wherever that is at any given moment), cheering you on and indulging in your beautiful photos and heartfelt musings.

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