Autumn Glory

Autumn Gloryautumn, beauty, poetry

Today, I offer a haiku and a tanka to celebrate the glories of autumn in the Rocky Mountains.


aspens glowing bright

mountains ablaze with colorย 

pathways to heaven


hiking the Rockies

forest aflame with yellows

evergreens contrast

craggy mountains standing proud

a rich tribute to autumn


Clearly, I’m missing the majestic colors of fall in the Rockies. The stunning contrast of golden yellow aspens against rich evergreens still warms my heart, even separated by 700 miles and 20 years. I guess some love does last a lifetime. Until we meet again dear Rockies, thanks for the fond memories. And Gayle, thanks for sharing your delightful photos.

May autumn warm your heart.


27 thoughts on “Autumn Glory

  1. Thank you Brad for the beautiful image and words. I am quite sure that one day you will enjoy the magnificent Rockies again. I have been there and it really is amazingly awesome…can’t really think of other words to describe such beauty. Enjoy the day my friend. Janet ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. My favorite time of the year! Between warmer temps and constant rain, our fall has not been spectacular. So it goes. It can’t be perfect every year! Still nice to look at and smell and hear….It is a unique season. The words match well Brad….thanks! VK

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  3. A lovely poem that speaks of beautiful autumn, Brad. Maybe one day you will return and hike the Rockies again. Beautiful shot by Gayle. Stunning yellow right there. Here in Australia we are in the middle of Spring, and we are seeing more floral tones all round. Enjoy autumn ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ

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  4. Another perfect marriage of visual and verbiage! Love it!! Love the rockies during fall….the aspen groves with their bright gold leaves. On my desk is is our oldest daughter sitting on a rock with an aspen grove behind her in brilliant fall colors. She was 4 years old then….last week she turned 36….my how time flies….great post!

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