Awesome Stories 379

This week Awesome Stories brings you some homegrown wisdom.

Brad's Tips, Awesome Stories

Me in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the mid-90s.

I actually created these tips over 25 years ago. Although I know many of these ideas, I don’t live them as well as I would like to. Which reminds me that although many of us have lots of good ideas and information, our real transformation only happens when we embody those ideas with integrated action.


1- Simplify your life by doing less and focusing on what you most value and enjoy.

2- Practice loving kindness to all life, including the planet.

3- Think happy thoughts.

4- Frequently commune with your spiritual source.

5- Enjoy fresh air and exercise daily.

6- Drink plenty of good, pure water every day.

7- Eat simple, whole, natural foods, including live foods daily.

8- Reduce your intake of processed foods, sugar, salt, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs.

9- Nurture yourself, including time to simply relax and be!

10- Set yourself up to succeed by making changes in small, doable steps.

11- Relax and enjoy life along the way to your “destinations”.

12- Appreciate all the blessings currently in your life.

May you live your dreams and values. Peace out, Brad 


38 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 379

  1. Wonderful tips of wisdom from someone who really knows. I know you walk your talk! When you were talking about water, I was thinking about how I even send loving kindness to my water before drinking – to hopefully change the energy after coming through all the rough pipes and turns. Hehe. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

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