Splish Splash Bath

Splish Splash Bath

rain, play, poetry

Image by North Watt


splish splash I was taking a bath

wind and rain goin’ on the warpath

got me shaking in my boots

they’re tearing out my roots

better to hide inside than jive

lest we lose the joy of being alive

oh me oh my, the rain is hard

Β stuck inside with my bard


We had torrential rains a few weeks ago with crazy wind and heavy rainfall. The lakes, land, and gardens were gratefully recharged. During the rain, I kept thinking about going out to walk and play. Sadly I didn’t, but North Watt, a local photograpaher and stone balancer, captured the beauty of rain dancing off pavement.

May we always find ways to dance and play.Β 


32 thoughts on “Splish Splash Bath

  1. I love It, Brad!!
    What great fun…you may not have gone out in the rain physically, but it is so obvious you did in your mind!!
    I love walking in the rain though I rarely get to do it because I live in the lightning capital…and we usually have cloud to ground…all around!
    Have a great week!

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  2. Lovely poem about the wet and rain, brad. The torrential rain certainly caught your attention and inspired you…not a bad thing to be stuck indoors when it’s wet outside some times. Hope you are well and get to go out and about soon πŸ™‚

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