Awesome Stories 251

I’m busy moving and working this weekend, so I wanted to share an older Awesome Stories to keep you entertained and inspired.

May your week be full of compassion and creativity, Brad

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you last wishes, Mother’s love, active tolerance, Leaf love and creative housing.

Last Wisheslast wishes, Awesome Stories

I love the mission of this organization. The Ambulance Wish Foundation, started by an ambulance driver named Kees Veldboer, offers dying patients the opportunity to have their last wish fulfilled. They provide the personnel, transportation and opportunity to help patients safely leave the hospital and go somewhere they wish for. Recently, they helped a patient see her beloved Rembrandt painting one last time at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. Starting from just Kees and his wife, they now have 230 volunteers, six ambulances and a holiday home, helping them to fulfill 7,000 wishes.

Mother Exchange

Here’s a fun idea from India. Mother’s do tend to worry and want to nurture their children. I fondly remember the phone calls, cards and care packages from my Mom during college. This group from India has set up a clever way…

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