Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground

My sculptures are little poems about the nature of god and peace that comes from knowing that we are connected to greater truths. ~ Hank Kaminsky

sacred, poetry

Sculpture Cast by Hank Kaminsky


feel the sacredness

let your feet honor the earth

with each loving step


This quote and casting are great reminders for me that we are always standing on sacred ground. The key is to put our awareness on our connection with the earth and what a gift it is to be alive. Here in Fayetteville, we are also fortunate to have Hank Kaminsky, a local artist who uses his art to advocate for peace, equality, and reverence for life.

May we feel and appreciate the sacred in everyday life. 


34 thoughts on “Sacred Ground

  1. During my training, I came across an article about how we need to spend time with our feet literally touching the earth – every day – so that we create positive energy for ourselves and make a natural connection to the earth. Though I don’t actually do this every day, I have made an intention to try to get my feet touching the grass in my yard more often. Your haiku is a gentle reminder to strive to do this even more than I do now. 🙂

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