Rita and Randy

Rita and Randy

~love, inclusion

don’t give up the right

shine that little old light

say no to hate and fear

or maybe go grab a beer

embrace the obtuse

but please no abuse


if you don’t understand, seekinclusion, diversity

maybe your comprehension is weak

let us not condemn another

but embrace as sister and brother

inclusion feeds the wheel of life

letting go of struggle and strife


This is my attempt to advocate for diversity and inclusion with a little love and humor. The title is a reference to the Amos n’ Andy Show; an early American radio and television show set in Harlem. Today, the show wouldn’t be acceptable since its two main characters were white actors portraying black men.

May we love one another.


24 thoughts on “Rita and Randy

  1. Wonderful poem Brad… And if we all embraced these two lines
    “let us not condemn another
    but embrace as sister and brother”…… What a different world we would live in today.. ❤ Enjoy your week to come Brad, and have a peaceful Sunday

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