The Lure of a Healing Center Once More…But No More

This post by NadineMarie resonates strongly for me. It is so easy to get caught up in the pull to be busy with grand projects, thinking that we must do something big to make a difference.

But we matter regardless of what we do, and we can make a difference in simply going about our daily lives with love and joy. I hope you find as many valuable insights in this post as I did. Thank you Nadine!

Blessings, Brad

Aligning With Truth

How clear and strong am I in my resolve about letting go of a long-held dream — since 1999 — of a healing center and a healing practice was put to the test very recently.

I got reconnected with two individuals who I met when I was in the early stages of my healing journey.

One of them is the Reiki Master under whom I received attunements and trained as a Reiki practitioner. She was setting up a healing center and recruiting founding members and practitioners at the time. She and I talked about me being part of the center.

Like all the other countless opportunities and offers in my manifestation process of the healing center, it would also eventually be blocked by the Universe.

I have not had any contact with them since the early 2000s. Recently, following my diagnosis of breast cancer, I reached out to these…

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11 thoughts on “The Lure of a Healing Center Once More…But No More

  1. What a wonderful inspirational post Brad, thanks for sharing. It’s great when each one of us finds our divine will and purpose and are content with it whatever that may be. Nadine does emanate strength as a person and a feeling of great contentment with the choices she’s made. How wonderful that her post resonates with you, it is indeed beautiful, reminding us that that all contributions are valid:-)

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      • Yes Nadine’s a wonderful example of staying true to ourselves. So many people try to force things that are just not for them and as Nadine says the universe puts blocks on those paths. She is so in tune with her unique and blessed path. Equally the universe clears and makes a way for the paths that are for us. I am so happy that you’ve found Nadine’s post, I can see that you’ve found peace from her truth you are truly kindred spirits. May you have love, light and joy as you dance through life on your own blessed path. Namaste.🙏🏽 💖🎇

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