Calling All Freedom Riders

Calling All Freedom Riders

Once upon a time, I waved the flag with pride and joy.

Those days are long gone, and way before the current administration. This is simply the latest wake up call. The only real freedom is that which we create from inside ourselves. Realizing that our “great” country is run by corporations with no concern for people or planet, I’ve long since stopped feeling any pride in my country. We are the biggest war machine the world has ever seen, starting with our mass evisceration of the native populations and their culture, then gradually the planet was ravaged in endless wars in the name of democracy, progress, etc. The US has been at war for 222 years of its 239-year history. Expressed another way, we have only been at peace 21 years in our entire existence. Now the corporations (and greedy individuals running them) are working to drain the life from every person, social service, and spare corner of good left in the world.

Yes, I know this is a divergence from my positive posts on inspiration and the good in the world but I believe it’s time for us need to wake up, individually and collectively. “They” are not going to save us. Maybe no one can, but the only hope is if we each find the courage to be free inside, find our core of love, then bring our gifts to bear in the service of the planet and fellow world travelers.

We must create pockets of peace, collaboration, sharing, and service. The path is a collective, waking up, love revolution, and move to a sharing economy. Clearly, the ego-based way of living is not working. This Moneta article sums up the sharing economy rather nicely as living in a culture where people give without any expectation of return. Or you can learn more directly from Charles Eisenstein on his website sacred economics.

For a more spiritual perspective on what all this mess means, Matt Kahn offers his view on ascension.

Life only seems tenuous, unbearable, confusing, or frustrating, as life creates the exact framework to render old 3D spiritual teachings extinct, as a means of driving the focus of light workers deeper into the mysteries of their infinite potential. ~ Matt Kahn

freedom, unityAccording to Matt, as we align with peace and love in unity consciousness, time continues to play out in the dramas I’ve outlined, but we grow acceptance and trust for the way things are unfolding. I’m paraphrasing and merging his ideas with people like Charles Eisenstein who talk about the sharing economy. Matt suggests we cultivate presence as the waking up of our attention with a desire to be nowhere else but here and now. The key is to release the desire to change anyone or anything, trusting that life is conspiring to wake us up to higher dimensions of living.

I certainly don’t believe that I hold the entire truth. I do however find solace and wisdom from deep thinkers and spiritual teachers offering a broader perspective on these chaotic times we’re living in. And we can’t get there by judging and blaming others. We must find compassion for ourselves and empathy for others, realizing that we are truly all one, riding the waves of chaos back to unity.

As you celebrate this July 4th, please consider joining the love revolution, or what I’m calling the Freedom Riders, in our work to create a world based on love and unity.

From my heart and soul, I pray that we collectively wake up and ride to freedom!


37 thoughts on “Calling All Freedom Riders

  1. Thank you for diverging from your normal ‘positive’ posts, I’m a firm believer that there’s positive, negative and sometimes neither, just plain truth. You’ve spoken your truth and I respect and admire your passion. Just as you’re passionate about those other things you write about, it’s wonderful to know that your passion’s not one dimensional! I like this Brad too!🦁

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  2. If we could stop the mind control then we could come together and take back what is rightfully ours but as long as we are distracted, told what to think, are driven to exhaustion and into poverty, nothing can change except within our own lives. Hard to do when the world is imploding all around you, but we have to try! Go have a happy 4th with the animals where peace resides… VK 🙂

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  3. Brad, sometimes being only positive is a burden. In this post, you’ve managed to provoke our thought, tell us what you’re feeling, and offer hope for a post-chaos future. I especially like your summation: “And we can’t get there by judging and blaming others. We must find compassion for ourselves and empathy for others, realizing that we are truly all one, riding the waves of chaos back to unity.”
    I think Bishop Michael Curry, with his very popular sermon at the recent royal wedding, has ignited a spark which I hope will lead to a Love Revolution.

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  4. This is an excellent article, a truthful article. Some will consider this material ‘unpatriotic’ but that depends on what we are being patriotic to. I am going to reblog this article for you.

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  5. Brad, if you’re like me, sometimes posting positivity is a defense for the pain of all the negative things in life. But sometimes, we have to give voice to those things that compel us to show that positivity. I’m glad you spoke up here. Hugs on the wing!

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  6. I’m not American but this message is universal and so powerful Brad. Love what you’ve written. Let’s pray and hope that the future will be better. Warmest wishes to you and your country.

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  7. Through the Moneta link, I found Heidemarie Schwermer’s website, the woman who lived without money. I had read about her before in English, but never saw her original writings in German. She was highly educated, had been a psychotherapist, and needed to find a way to not participate in the greedy excesses of the world. An amazing life story and visionary woman who walked her talk….

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  8. Imagine how much better the world would be if every single person felt love and not greed and hate. I am Canadian, and watching what is playing out south of the border is truly a nightmare. It’s unfathomable, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. You are right; you have to stand up and save yourselves. Those put in power to protect you most certainly won’t. I pray that you begin by taking the fight to the polls on Nov. 6th. I will be watching and waiting with bated breath – love can win on that day. Nice to read your thoughts Brad, a great message as always!! Lots of love from 🇨🇦

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